Ruins of War–good read

I just completed Ruins of War by John Connell.

clip_image002The story is a crime drama set in post war Munich, Germany. A killer is stalking the city killing and dismembering his victims. He sets their appendages in the shape of a cross.

Criminal Investigation Division (CID) Warrant Officer Mason Collins must track him down and stop the killing spree.

The backdrop is of a post war Germany and a desperate German populace that not only must survive the killer but the cold German winter amid the destruction.

I enjoyed the book. It’s always fun to read about a place you been and recognize the names of areas or buildings. Granted I was there in the 90s and not the 40s but it was still easy to picture the city and how it must have been.

The main characters were solid, not great but solid. The story had enough twists to make it interesting and not unbelievable. Overall a good read.

I really hadn’t planned on two books in a row about serial killers though.


4 thoughts on “Ruins of War–good read

  1. I hadn’t planned it that way. Just kind of worked out that way. I have two more books on my nightstand to get though. The one I just started is by James Patterson.

  2. I’m reading English translated Japanese science fiction novels. Good stuff. Very different from mainstream published science fiction in the US or even self published kindle works like military sci fi.

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