Bike weekend

This weekend I took a motorcycle trip to Texas.  It was a short visit to my father’s which gave me an opportunity to put some miles on my motorcycle.  I was very lucky in the weather.  It can be a very hot ride.  As I left Friday morning it was overcast and cool. 

I was about ten miles into the trip and I looked down at my right hand to find my handlebar cap was loose and about to fall off.  I pulled over and tried to repair the grip but the inside screw had dropped down into my handlebars and I really had no way to fix that quickly.  So I put the cap and screw in my backpack and continued on my ride.  I really hoped this wouldn’t be a preview of the rest of the trip.

The ride south from Colorado Springs, CO to Raton, NM was pretty uneventful.  The Colorado landscape was very green (for the Colorado front range).  It is always nice to ride with the mountains in view.

Raton was my first fuel stop and break.  It took a little over two hours to get there.  I’ve been stopping there for at about 15 years as I’ve visited my parents since arriving in Colorado.  For some reason I tend to stop at the Conoco station on the west side.  What I really like about riding the motorcycle is the fuel mileage.  It cost me roughly $9 to fill up and that would take me across New Mexico and into Texas.  The whole trip would cost less than $60 dollars in fuel.  The same trip with my Truck would run about $100 dollars more.  

Surprisingly it didn’t warm up till I hit the Texas line.  Then it felt like I ran into a furnace.  I don’t know what the temperature was but it was hot.  I was forced to remove my leather jacket about 50 miles inside Texas and go with a normal long sleeve shirt (to protect against the sun). 

My Father met me in Amarillo on his bike and after lunch at the local TA truck stop we finished the first half of the trip to his home about 90 miles away. 

I was trying out a friend’s sheepskin seat cover to see if it would help the comfort factor.  In fact it did a bit.  My seat is pretty hard and I can use anything to help the sore A** syndrome. 

I spent the weekend helping my father work on his bathroom vanity,  visit a little and fix my handle bar cap. 

On the return trip I added an Airhawk seat pad with the sheepskin on top.  This really made a pretty big difference in the ride.   It’s a bit pricy but then if you ride long distance I can see putting out the money.  Both of the seat pads were on loan to me from a co-worker who has done a number of long distance rides back to New York and to California from here in Colorado. 

So I returned Monday a little tired but generally feeling pretty good. 

The trip was approximately 920 miles total.  A nice summer break in ride.