Ahmeds clock, what went wrong?

We’ve all heard of Ahmed the clock making kid.  The narrative goes, a young non-white man, builds a simple clock and everyone at his school assumes because of the color of his skin it’s a bomb.  He is arrested and treated like a third class citizen.  Oh the evil of it all.

clockThe reality is a bit different.  Ahmed, did in fact build a clock, a pretty cool clock actually.  Did it look like a bomb?  Well if you watch any movies these days, don’t they use briefcase with a circuit boards and a digital screens?  Granted without some sort of explosive it’s not a bomb.  I spent a number of years dealing with explosive materials in the military so I might not be excused for overreacting here, but a teacher?  The teacher probably did their job and brought it to the attention of the authorities.  What else could they do, not knowing what it was?  Granted it wouldn’t take a genius to figure out this was just a clock. Strike one for the teacher.

The real tragedy here was when the police were called, why did this issue go any farther than taking a quick look and  being a bit embarrassed?  Why the police actually cuffed and took the young man in for questioning is beyond me.  That’s a strike against the cop.

Where this went wrong was when it was realized that this was only a clock.  Why any further action was taken is not exactly a mystery.  The left has created this zero tolerance overacting school system.  To go past checking the clock was just idiotic, not racist.  Is this any different from the hundreds of times kids get in trouble at school for silly, rules? It seems schools are where the least amount of thinking by adults takes place these days.

Was it Islamaphobia?  I don’t think so; it was schools and police that can’t use critical thinking skills out of fear that any mistake they make will be used against them. This has been a result of 40 + years of liberal leftist attacks on schools, school children and parents.

Update:  There appears to be some question if Ahmed actually built the clock or just bought one and took it apart. A bit of a difference in the coolness but not much in the reaction.


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