Stand your ground. #Schumershutdown


The #Schold the linehumershutdown is upon us.

The, up until now, conventional wisdom has been that a Government shutdown is always bad for the GOP. But is it?  Has it ever been that in the past?  I submit that the reason the GOP has been blamed successfully in the past has been its own weakness in allowing a shutdown then ultimately caving. The GOP Senators specifically are scared of shadows to the extent they can’t come together on anything and hold the line.  Many still don’t understand the current electorate.

This year is a bit different, however.  With Donald Trump, a President that is willing to take heat for the GOP, as much as a President can, one can hope a bit of a backbone will be seen.  The argument is so obviously on the GOP side of the rhetoric war this year.

Illegals or citizens (military, first responders etc.)  The commercials make themselves.

It will only be to complete capitulation that will see the GOP lose this Shutdown debate.


I wouldn’t touch that button

There appears to be a lot of disruption everywhere these days.  The Democrats of telling on each other, the Republicans (so-called) are shooting down their own bills and paying for opposition research on their own side, and Hollywood’s own activism is biting them in the ass. So far I don’t see a downside. A house cleaning has been in order for a long time.  Oh, the real culprits will escape the purge but perhaps a number of useful idiots will fall by the wayside.  There will be new ones of course.

When it’s over will things be better or worse?  Most likely the same.


Kneeling and firing

President Trump has stated that NFL players that disrespect the American Flag and National Anthem should be fired. He also says fans should “pick up and leave” if it continues.

The NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell says that the President is disrespecting the NFL and its players. I guess disrespecting the country is ok though.

The NFL Commissioner is probably more pissed at the “pick up and leave” comment more than anything. NFL ratings and attendance are already down. But my heart simply can’t bleed for these millionaires. Pressure can work both ways.

I doubt many of the people have any idea what exactly they are protesting. Injustice? So, disrespecting our flag and national anthem helps?

If I were an NFL owner I wouldn’t require standing, but I also wouldn’t allow the politicizing of my team. If you have a cause, great, work it on your own time. I have no issue with any player in any league protesting on their time. There is nothing wrong with that. But don’t complain if you do it at work and there are consequences. If you’re an owner don’t be surprised if your income streams falls.

It is all divisive? Sure but that’s what the left always says when someone stands up to them. You see it’s divisive because it disrupts their narrative.

I personally won’t pay to see any NFL games, mostly because the price is too damn high for normal working class people. I also don’t subscribe to any ESPN or NFL television packages or buy NFL merchandise. Again, the price of the items are outrageous.

I’d rather spend my money on quality cigars and time in the woods.

Interesting Crime map

I found this interactive refugee and migrant crime map for Europe. There are a couple of interesting points to this site. On their FAQ page they explain what they are about.

1. Who is behind this project?

This project is solely supported by people that feel very concerned about their own and their families’ safety. We are not organized in any political party but form a network of average citizens that engage together via the internet – voluntarily and without pay in our leisure time. In doing so it is irrelevant how many time the individual is able to spend for this project. Some are there just for a few minutes a week whereas others take part several hours per day to collect and evaluate criminal offences committed by immigrants and asylum seekers. Our goal is not to defame or offend people. We just close the gap the mainstream media leave due to their flawed and incomplete coverage of this issue. We also want to encourage other people to join us as the torrent of the mentioned criminal offences is incredibly high and our database is overflowing.

8. How do I know that the listed crimes are genuine?

For each crime registered in our database we always quote the source. To convince yourself of the correctness of the evaluations you can randomly select crimes from our database and compare them to the original reports. In case the original report is not accessible anymore there is an archive link for each crime under which the source is secured by us after publishing.

9. Do you really publish refugee crimes only?

We do not confine ourselves to crimes that are committed by so-called “refugees” but at the same time document acts that are committed by immigrants who do not flee from war and persecution. Unfortunately those increasingly are perpetrators from the East and Southeast European area. We’ve been noticing for some time that especially Romanians and Georgians but also North Africans have been entering our country to enrich themselves with criminal intent. Perpetrators who rob, defraud or physically abuse the inhabitants of their host country do not come here to integrate and become part of our society. Ultimately it is our objective to illustrate the impact of this unregulated immigration – for that reason it must be allowed to call things as they are.

One wonders just how much is acceptable.



Trump rescinds DACA as he promised

You may not like all of the policies President Trump has put forth but you can’t say he hasn’t pushed what he promised on the campaign trail. Isn’t that what many Americans have been complaining about with past politicians? DACA is an issue Trump could have easily push to the side. Even die hard controlled immigration activist realize the issue with children brought here illegally by their parents or others is a tough call.

That said the executive order probably wouldn’t have withstood a judicial review. President Obama’s own administration admitted the executive order was not constitutional.

This best part of this announcement is that congress will now be able to do their jobs or let DACA go away completely. They have six months to come up with real legislation. The legislation branch had numerous chances in the past to pass laws that would addressed this issue but failed to act. DACA was an unconstitutional workaround. Unless congress wants the President to have nearly unlimited power this is a good move.


Trump’s Afghan speech was on point but…

I had to take a few days to reflect on President Trumps Afghanistan speech. There were parts of the speech I liked a lot and other parts that still left questions. One of the first issues is did Trump flip flop? He had on numerous occasions in the past stated we need to leave Afghanistan. But then I’ve said the same thing. My position was that if we aren’t going to actually fight then let’s leave. The people of Afghanistan are too tribal and corrupt to create and run a competent central government. It’s in the culture. If on the other hand, our primary purpose is to kill terrorists than Afghanistan is in the heart of the enemy and has prime real estate to launch attacks from.

When President Trump came into office one of the first items on his agenda was to have the “Generals” review the Afghanistan strategy. This was the correct thing to do. President Trump does not have military experience and asking for a complete review and new plan was the right move.


Our previous plans for building the central democracy and not killing terrorist was flawed. Not only was it impractical with the culture of the region but we didn’t actually enforce democratic rules or fight the obvious corruption (see poppy eradication plan- a complete lie – fact the Taliban are the only ones willing to eradicate). We made so many compromises to our democratic ideals and rule of law that what resulted resembles neither democracy nor a competent dictatorship. It is just chaos.

Trump’s cabinet completed the review and presented the conclusion recently at Camp David. Trump makes the point that campaigning and being in office is different. This is a lesson many learn however it should not necessarily change their views unless solid evidence is produced. This review many have had that information.

Trump points out that like Iraq, should we just up and leave, a vacuum would be created most likely filled by terrorists. This would only lead to us returning at a later date after Al-Qaeda, ISIS or some other radical Islamic group has had time to build a foundation for its organization again. This is most likely true but could we not just bomb them once they congregate at their bases? We could but would we? That hasn’t really been done since 2002.

President Trump also stated that the US will not announce its intentions prior to operations. This is a great point. Something President Obama was clueless about. You can’t set a time table or pre-determined troop strength without regards to the needs on the ground. The Taliban are regressive but not dumb. They understand the waiting game and can hit and run till your timetable runs out. Trump left open the possibility of talking with the Taliban but not at this time. You must wait till they are softened up and hurting before we talk. They will be ready. If this policy is carried out the Taliban may beg to be at the table one day.


Then there is Pakistan. Trump’s words on Pakistan have been a long time coming. Pakistan has taken millions or more and we watched as insurgents ran back across the border with impunity. Pakistan has been playing to both sides since the beginning yet we have been too weak to confront them in any meaningful way. If Trump is willing to put real pressure on Pakistan I’m all for that.


The lifting of the restrictive ROE sounds encouraging also. Although it’s not clear just what the new ROE is. This has been a sore spot for many in the military again since the beginning. While there have been times when the ROE was less restrictive as soon as progress was made the handcuffs went right back on. The ground commander must have the authority to run his campaign. If he fails then fire him but give him an opportunity to win.

Finally we get to another potential big issue. Nation building. According to President Trump we will no longer use American military might to construct democracies. This is a good point. I’m not opposed to building democracies that are trying and have the basic culture where democracy is possible but for the most part in South West Asia you must be willing to take complete control of the country as we did in Germany or Japan. Run the institutions ourselves until they get the concept then leave. This may take decades that I would bet Americans wouldn’t be up for. So lets just stay away from nation building.

Overall I liked the speech but talk is cheap and we will have to wait and see. I, like most people don’t have a complete or even good answer for Afghanistan.  But if we are there let our people fight.

The assault on Confederate statues is about power

The Antifa and anti-confederate statue people could care less about the Confederate statues. Their goal is about gaining power and intimidating the masses. I would be willing to bet most of this crowd knows very little about the civil war or the personalities of the war on either side. Remember just a short time ago an Abraham Lincoln statue was set afire.

No, this is about power. The far left, which is just about everyone on the left now, are flexing their Marxist muscle. The left has found a weak spot. What used to be moderate America is afraid to say anything that might allow the far left to label them. The long PC war is coming to a head and at this moment the moderate left and right are not looking good.

The far right which every media outlet is obsessed with is so small and weak it’s irrelevant. However, they have shown how our country has slipped. They are now looking like the victims.

The real victim, of course, is free speech and the rule of law. As Antifa and their cousins openly call for the killing of police and any others that oppose them while the politicians hide in their “safe space” corner.

McMaster’s get out of jail free card?

Circa News is reporting the General McMaster sent a letter to former National Security Advisor (NSA) Susan Rice waiving the requirement for a “need to know” to access classified information while serving as NSA.

Important quote in the letter Circa posted.

“I hereby waive the requirement that you must have a “need to know” to access any classified information contained in items you, “originated, reviewed, signed or received while serving as National Security Advisor”

Interesting no?


There is no date on this memo so I’m not sure what to make of it. But if it’s real, President Trump has enemies sitting next to him daily.


Leaking out of control and dangerous

Leak have always been around. Mostly used by administrations to get out information they didn’t want to directly release or as a trial balloon. But the leaks in the Trump administration are much worse. While leaks that are planned, are not really leaks at all, these current leaks appear illegal and disclose information that is classified or sensitive at the least. The precedent this sets will not be good for the country if these leakers are not caught and prosecuted.

The latest leaks find the Washington Post with alleged transcripts of President Trumps calls to world leaders. The new Chief of Staff, John Kelly better get on this.

Image result for  documents

I am a bit confused as to why the leakers or at least the ones in the White House haven’t been discovered. Has the deep state so infiltrated the government at all levels that they can’t be touched?

I don’t know if the leaks have actually hurt President Trump but they make the government look even worse than it is. Well maybe not worse but shows the depth of deceit and lack of integrity we have in the many levels of our government. It’s not encouraging. The problem is that while it may not hurt President Trump it is hurting the country.

One can only conclude the number of Anti-Americans in our government and media is extremely high.

Drastic measures may be needed to ferret out these treasonous people. I just hope we have someone, anyone, in government that is not on the take and will actually take the steps required to end these leaks. While they’re at it, they can start indicting the many criminals from the previous administration and any found in the current.

As it stands very few in government ever get anything more than fired which often leads to lucrative book deals (Comey) or lobbyist positions.