McMaster’s get out of jail free card?

Circa News is reporting the General McMaster sent a letter to former National Security Advisor (NSA) Susan Rice waiving the requirement for a “need to know” to access classified information while serving as NSA.

Important quote in the letter Circa posted.

“I hereby waive the requirement that you must have a “need to know” to access any classified information contained in items you, “originated, reviewed, signed or received while serving as National Security Advisor”

Interesting no?


There is no date on this memo so I’m not sure what to make of it. But if it’s real, President Trump has enemies sitting next to him daily.



Leaking out of control and dangerous

Leak have always been around. Mostly used by administrations to get out information they didn’t want to directly release or as a trial balloon. But the leaks in the Trump administration are much worse. While leaks that are planned, are not really leaks at all, these current leaks appear illegal and disclose information that is classified or sensitive at the least. The precedent this sets will not be good for the country if these leakers are not caught and prosecuted.

The latest leaks find the Washington Post with alleged transcripts of President Trumps calls to world leaders. The new Chief of Staff, John Kelly better get on this.

Image result for  documents

I am a bit confused as to why the leakers or at least the ones in the White House haven’t been discovered. Has the deep state so infiltrated the government at all levels that they can’t be touched?

I don’t know if the leaks have actually hurt President Trump but they make the government look even worse than it is. Well maybe not worse but shows the depth of deceit and lack of integrity we have in the many levels of our government. It’s not encouraging. The problem is that while it may not hurt President Trump it is hurting the country.

One can only conclude the number of Anti-Americans in our government and media is extremely high.

Drastic measures may be needed to ferret out these treasonous people. I just hope we have someone, anyone, in government that is not on the take and will actually take the steps required to end these leaks. While they’re at it, they can start indicting the many criminals from the previous administration and any found in the current.

As it stands very few in government ever get anything more than fired which often leads to lucrative book deals (Comey) or lobbyist positions.

Riots in Schorndorf? How does this happen?

Schorndorf is a small town located a short twenty minute drive east of Stuttgart Germany. I’m vary familiar with this town as my wife comes from this town and her family still reside there. We have continually warned family and friends of the consequences of a completely open refugee policy. This policy has now hit home. During Schorndorf’s annual Volksfest the assaults began. It intensified to a point were neighboring cities were called to help.clip_image002”Authorities in the town of Schorndorf in Baden-Württemberg have expressed shock after police and bystanders were attacked by members of a group of around 1,000 youths.” ( 17 July 2017)

“Police report that a group of around 1,000 teenagers and young men gathered on Saturday evening in the grounds of Schorndorf Castle, as the small town celebrated the second day of its week-long town fair. According to police, a large portion of the group had immigrant backgrounds.” ( 17 July 2017)

“From within the group, beer bottles were thrown at the walls of the castle, at other festival-goers, and eventually at police officers.” ( 17 July 2017)

“The violence faced by police was shocking,” a police spokesperson said, adding that while it was normal for large numbers of youth to gather at the festival, the aggression was new.” ( 17 July 2017)

“When officers tried to arrest one suspect on suspicion of causing serious bodily harm, the situation escalated, with many people getting involved to try to hinder the arrest.” ( 17 July 2017)

“Police then called for backup. More officers arrived at the scene in riot gear, “to shield the arrest and to prevent an attack.” As officers withdrew from the scene, they were again attacked with bottles.” ( 17 July 2017)

“Eventually police called in support from nearby towns to counteract what they described as “massive potential for violence.”” ( 17 July 2017)


You have to understand, this kind of violence in this town is unheard of until now. Schorndof was much like you’d picture of a small German village when I was there. You could once walk anywhere without any fear day or night.

Here’s the kicker, nobody has been arrested. But then nobody ever gets arrested when refugees are involved in Germany these days. It’s a complete failure of Government and happy thoughts.

“Three incidents of sexual assaults against women were also reported on Friday evening, while one was reported on Saturday.”( 17 July 2017)

“An Iraqi man was being investigated in connection with one of the assaults on Friday. After a 17-year-old reported being held against her will and then groped on her backside on Saturday, three Afghani men were also being investigated for the crime.”( 17 July 2017)

“Wir Shaffen Das”, (We’ll manage it) Really?


Jihadis among German refugees… Really?

German Intel Agency Says Hundreds of Jihadis Arrived Among Refugees


Hans-Georg Maassen, Head of the German Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (Bundesamt Fuer Verfassungschutz)


“BfV further said hundreds of jihadis arrived among the more than one million migrants who entered the country over the past two years.”

“We have to assume that we can expect further attacks by individuals or terror commandos in Germany too,” BfV chief Hans-Georg Maassen said at a press conference Tuesday. “Islamist terrorism is the biggest challenge facing the BfV and we see it as one of the biggest threats facing the internal security of Germany.”

Well no shit.

I am not criticizing Herr Maassen, as the German intelligence community is very robust.  However, the country is run by those they are either blind, stupid, or trying to destroy their nation (see Angela Merkel).  Add to that the German people have been living in a protected bubble for decades.  Too many Germans are surprised by the actions of many refugees, whom they were told were all very nice, educated doctors or some other such nonsense. 

Political correctness in Germany is much worse than America and is more indoctrinated into their populace.  For many Germans, they’d rather let rape, murder and abuse proliferate than be seen as mean.  Plus the German  government has used the anti-Nazi laws to restrict free speech to a great extent.

Democrats won’t cooperate in Voter fraud investigation

Democrats are already stating they will not comply with President Trump’s voter fraud commission probe. So, how exactly can we be sure there is no voter fraud? Just like the DNCs hacked servers that were never turned over to the FBI, the Democrats don’t want the American public to see what’s behind the curtain.image

Three states, California, Virginia and Kentucky, have said they won’t comply. Isn’t voter fraud a serious issue? Shouldn’t it be investigated? Many on the left say there is no wide spread voter fraud. But wouldn’t hacking by the Russians be voter fraud. There was no need for evidence in that investigation. As the left always says, the issue is too serious not to investigate.

I don’t know if there is or isn’t enough voter fraud to alter a presidential election or a local election for that matter, but shouldn’t we be trying to ensure our system is unquestionable. Or are there some that like it a little vague and open?


Green Beret found innocent of shooting

Michael Galvin was charged with negligent homicide after an intruder broke into his detached garage. Michael shot the intruder.

An autopsy showed that the intruder was shot in the back. The question is, so what? In a fight it’s not impossible to believe that at the time the weapon was fired the intruder had turned. It doesn’t change the fact the intruder was in a place he shouldn’t have been. It doesn’t negate the potential and unknown threat the intruder must be assumed to have.

The state decided that the garage was not covered under the “make my day” law. The law allows homeowner to use deadly force against invaders. The argument is that the garage doesn’t meet the standard which states that the buildings are, “used, intended to be used, or usually used by a person for habitation”. Does a detached garage qualify?

Twelve jurors, seven women and five men decided it was. With only a half a day of deliberation they acquitted Michael.

The fact this was ever brought to trail is one of the problems with our society. A person protecting himself, his family and or property shouldn’t have to justify that defense.

Michael is a former member of the 10th Special Forces Group (Airborne).


Travel ban mostly reinstated

The Supreme Court has agreed to hear the Presidents travel executive order in October. In the mean time they have lifted most of the restrictions put on the order by lower courts.

What bothers me is that the 9th circuit where most of the lower ruling come from seems to rule without regard to the law. Activist judges that don’t appear to either know the law or feel it necessary to enforce or rule by the law rule unabated.

Granted if the Democrats continue on their historic losing streak it may eventually be a moot point.

Many traditional Democrats are coming to the realization that Hollywood, Silicon Valley and the District of Colombia have no idea what the average American is dealing with.


It’s hot in the desert

Heat wave oh no…..

Every year is seems the press in their attempt to push Global Warming, come out with stories of heat waves in the Southwest. This has been summer in the Southwest every year, some hotter and some cooler. In the late 80’s I was working with the Nevada National Guard in Indian Springs, Nevada. The average temperature those two weeks hovered around 115 degrees, with some days hotter. Our guys working out of Death Valley were dealing with 120+ degrees. No one was hurt.

Was it hot? Well hell yeah it was hot. Global Warming (climate change) nope, it’s the Southwest. It’s the desert. It’s hot in the desert.

Southern California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas are hot folks. You learn to live with it or move.


An article from the AP has this doozy.

“PHOENIX (AP) — The main burn center in Phoenix has seen its emergency department visits double during the heat wave that is scorching the Southwest U.S., including people burning their bare feet on the scalding pavement.”

No shit people. Put some damn shoes on. What are you stupid?

More troops to Afghanistan?

Argument 1: #Afghanistan is falling apart. The Taliban has re-emerged and is taking hard fought ground back from the Afghan government. More troops are needed to push back the Taliban and re-assert the government’s authority.

Argument 2: The Government of Afghanistan is so utterly corruptimage that more troops won’t help the situation. The continual in-fighting and distrust of the Ghani administration will not be helped by more troops. Pakistan’s support of the Taliban using its land as a base will continue to frustrate any coalition forces.

Argument 3: If the US doesn’t send in troops the Afghan government will be over, the Taliban will regain control and the Afghan countryside will once again become a training ground for terrorism. Let the Afghan government fall. The Taliban will rebuild and in the aftermath and the US coalition forces can then attack in massive force (air), cutting off the retreat to Pakistan and destroy the Taliban. This will not fix the country but may leave it less a threat and reduce US casualties.

Argument 4: If the US and coalition forces are unwilling to rebuild (run ourselves) an Afghan government that is at least not as corrupt as the current administration and the last, if the in-fighting between the various factions can’t be stopped, we will not be able to save this war. If the US is unwilling to confront Pakistan in a meaningful way we will not be able to win this war. If the US is unwilling to kill many people without regard to the press’s crying of innocent civilians we will not be able to win this war and more troops won’t help.

More troops to Afghanistan? To what end?

Before we send more troops we need to define what victory is. What does it look like? Are we willing to do whatever it takes to achieve it?

If we cannot answer the first two questions or the answer to the third is no, then leave.

The Left gets what it’s been advocating – violence “House Majority Whip Steve Scalise and four other people were shot and wounded Wednesday morning as the Republican congressional baseball team held an early-morning practice in Alexandria, Virginia.” “The shooter who fired at congressmen and aides during practice for a baseball game Wednesday morning is from Belleville.

The shooter is James T. Hodgkinson of Belleville, who belongs to a number of anti-Republican groups, including one called “Terminate the Republican Party.”


Hodgkinson, 66, owns a home-inspection business. Hodgkinson was a licensed home inspector from 1994 to 1997, when his license expired, according records from the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation. He also held a license from 2003 to 2016, but it was not renewed.

Two days ago, Hodgkinson posted an angry tweet about President Donald Trump on Facebook.

“I Want to Say Mr. President, for being an ass hole you are Truly the Biggest Ass Hole We Have Ever Had in the Oval Office,” he wrote on Facebook.”

The Smoking gun; “The gunman who opened fire this morning on Republican congressmen and staffers recently declared in a Facebook post that, “It’s Time to Destroy Trump & Co.”

The Week; “Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) recounted an "odd" encounter he had as he was leaving the field just minutes before the shooting: "There was a guy that walked up to us that was asking whether it was Republicans or Democrats out there, and it was just a little odd," DeSantis told Fox News.”

The left continues to hurl accusations of violence at the right yet it seems most of the actual and imitated violence is from the left. The liberal, tolerant left can’t tolerate any deviation from their group think.

The leaders of the Democratic Party are not helping.

They keep pushing and their demented followers will act. The hate the left has knows no bounds.