Miss Sloane a dud

I didn’t see that coming (Sarc) So it looks like the highly touted anti-gun / anti-NRA movie is bombing badly at the box office. Miss Sloane is a story of a DC lobbyist that takes on the “most powerful opponent of her career”, an obvious reference to the NRA. So the elites in Hollywood somehow … Continue reading Miss Sloane a dud

My Movie Review – The Accountant

Before seeing the accountant my wife told me the reviews were pretty bad. Well its Ben Affleck so that really wasn’t a surprise. Don’t get me wrong, I think Ben is very talented just not necessarily at acting. But then it has been awhile since I watched an Affleck movie. Surprisingly this one was a … Continue reading My Movie Review – The Accountant


During the beginning of this deployment one of our team guys had a copy of the first season of HBOs Rome.  It quickly became a cult like addiction watching the hours of sex, conniving and fighting.  After the initial exposure to Rome, I didn't see the second season until the last few days.  Which while … Continue reading “ROME”