Walk in the park

After work today we took a walk in the Fountain Creek Nature Center.  My son (6) took some pictures I promised I’d add to the web site.  So here they are.  They were taken with a Panasonic DMC-LZ2.

fountaincreek26August2008019.jpg Pond on fountain creek picture by jbrookins

A pond in the park

fountaincreek26August2008028.jpg Rattlesnake on the trail picture by jbrookins

Rattlesnake on the Trail.  He was only about 6 inches long.

fountaincreek26August2008035.jpg Deer in the woods picture by jbrookins

Just after finding the Rattlesnake we saw these deer.

fountaincreek26August2008036.jpg Frog a hiding picture by jbrookins

Here is a frog trying to relax in the pond.

All in all it was a nice little walk in the park.

Update:  note, this beats the hell out of being a few miles north in Denver right now.

Freddy Fender gone

At 69 Freddy Fender has died.  Fender was like a reminder of my past.  In the mid 70s when outlaw country was just coming to it’s own Freddy was there too.  I was a kid then listening to “Wasted Days and Wasted Nights” and Before the Next Teardrop Falls”.  I’ve caught him now and then on specials and his time with the Texas Tornados.  He had a unique sound and I liked it.

New place for a while.

Ok, this is my new place for a while.  I’m not sure how long.  With all that’s going on I may be looking for a place to write.  So if anyone out there needs another opinionated poster let me know.  Till then I’ll plug along here until work dictates otherwise.

14 British Soldiers die in Crash

14 British Troops Die in NATO Aircraft Crash in Afghanistan  I hate to read about aircraft crashes.  It seems such a waste.  it’s not the way a soldier should die.  But it does happen.  I suppose if you compare how many missions are flown all over the world the number of crashes are relatively low.  It’s also sad as the loss of British troops feels like our own.  I’ve been lucky enough to work with Brits on occasion and have always enjoyed the time.

This reminds me of 2003 when an ISAF helocopter went down in Kabul.  I watched it come down and was on the scene pretty quick.  There wasn’t anything anyone could do.  I remember our commo guy and myself helping British soldiers that day secure the road from Kabul to Bagram.  Flares from the aircraft were going off and rescue attempts weren’t even possible for a time.  In War and peace aircraft are one our greatest assests but when they fail or are shot down it’s always tragic.