Another day out

Retired Military

Libertarian / Conservative that believes in very limited government.  Socially pretty moderate but I don’t believe in paying for others mistakes.  Was once labeled a redneck, backwardsa**, MotherF****** by someone who took exception to one of my post.  Ouch!

I don’t care what color your are, what religion you practice or what your sex life is just don’t hurt kids and don’t expect me to pay for it.

Email: jbsanctuary(at)hotmail.com

6 thoughts on “JB

  1. JB:
    Like your posts, and noting that you are “on leave”; may I say: “Thankyou for your service”.
    I have a shop in Cafepress, very supportive of our troops, conservatism, and family. Custom work is my preference with this simple claim: “Never, ever a charge for layout.” Unlike screenprint, you needn’t commit to any large orders, or such. Just hit me with an e-mail, we’ll talk over your needs, and then I will do it up for your approval, changing as often as needed to satisfy your needs. Never any of your bucks upfront- I make a buck when I sell a shirt, mug or whatever. Get me an e-address and I will go into greater detail on this. As a veteran,(101st Airborne, 101st Aviation Bn., Air Mobility Co. HUEY’s 1960-1964), I enjoy doing what I can for America’s finest. Check my wacky art style at: http://cafepress.com/frankopinions .

  2. Greetings,

    I came across your website jbsanctuary.wordpress.com today while I was searching for blogs dealing with Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operaton Enduring Freedom.

    I work for Central Command’s Public Affairs on an electronic media engagement team. We search the blogosphere for blogs that we can assist by providing them with information on the GWOT from our website http://www.centcom.mil.

    Please take a moment and visit out website. We offer up to date press releases, video, photos and several features unique to the website from public affairs units in the Middle East. We also offer an electronic newsletter that can be emailed directly to your email.

    If you think that it would be a good addition for you and your readers…let me know and we can set you up with a link.

    We also can offer you a chance to be interviewed by civilian media by “virtually embedding” them with you. It is an email interview in which the blog site can post your interview to their website. This is another means of getting the Soldiers story out to the mainstream media.

    If you are intrested in either let me know and we will work with you.

    Thank you for you time and most of all your service. Stay safe and return safely.

    Sgt. Chris Keller
    Electronic Media Engagement Team

  3. Interesting take on the world. I do not trust anything, anyone and of course that includes anytime and anyplace. The people lie to us all the time, no exceptions and if you believe anything believe nothing. Take nothing for granted and know that the second word out of someones mouth is the truth. Contradicting the first word. If a person says No lie, Believe lie. Would I lie to you, most of the time and the rest of the time I will give you BS to lure you along.

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