Surprisingly good move!

So my wife and I were looking for a movie to watch last night. Both of us wanted something different, a change from the normal Hollywood formula scripts. After opening Amazon Prime we decided on an Indian film “Padmaavat”. Now, having been assigned to some locations in the general vicinity of India (although never actually there) I have had the chance (nothing else to see on local TV) to watch some “Bollywood” films before. They are known for some silliness and lots of music and dancing right in the middle of some drama scenes. It always led to some laughs. The problem was most of these movies were pretty low budget and not very good. Granted I don’t watch a lot of Indian films so there may be many very good films that I simple don’t see in America.

So what is it all about? It’s set in India/Afghanistan in 1303AD. Alluaddin (Bad Guy) a tyrant of the Khilji who marries his cousin the Sultan of Khilji’s daughter then kills his uncle to be the new Sultan. He must possess everything precious.

Meanwhile, the king of Chittor Maharawal Ratan Singh (good guy) meets and marries Padmaavat a beautiful princess. The devious royal priest Raghav Chetan is caught watching Ratan and Padmaavat in a private moment and is cast out of the kingdom. This apparently pisses him off and he vows revenge.

So the turd Chetan travels to Delhi and tells Alluaddin about Padmaavat’s beauty and convinces Alluaddin that his destiny is tied to Padmaavat. Alluaddin spends the rest of the movie trying to destroy the kingdom of Chittor until he’s able to see Padmaavat.

Yes it sounds kind of like a chick flick at this point. But I took it more like an Indian Shakespearian movie. Love, tragedy, treachery, warfare etc…

It has a lot of stunning visual shots although the CGI can be a bit cheesy, but overall not bad. It’s filmed in an epic style which Hollywood is sorely missing these days.

There is no nudity which is amazing, a film of desire and passion with no nudity. Yes, all that can be displayed without graphic sex.

There’s fighting and a little beheading, hey its set in Afghanistan/India. But it’s not overly graphic. It is however an Indian movie so there are a few times when they do break out into dance. I mean really, this is mandatory for “Bollywood” films isn’t it? The dance scenes do kind of fit in though. So it’s not as bad as that may sound.

The overall theme and ending was ideologically wrong for me but still a good movie. I’m not a peace love and lets all die for the cause kind of guy.

Still a good movie. Rotten Tomatoes which I don’t really pay attention to, gave it a 71 % fresh. Google reviews were like 84% like.

Oh yeah and it’s subtitled.


Infinite war

Check out Michael Walsh’s article What Price Victory? What Cost ‘Infinite War’?

I hear this side of the argument more and more these days. Once again the question must be asked, “are we the world’s Police?” Walsh indirectly asks that question.

Give it a read.


“The reaction from the proponents of endless war was illustrative of why, going on 17 years after 9/11, America still finds itself embroiled in Muslim-bred conflicts in which it has no material interest other than strictly punitive…”

…”The moral of the story is: finish the job. So good for Trump for giving the Pentagon a strategic objective and a time frame in which to accomplish it. The Post article quotes another officer, Air Force General Mike Holmes, in a speech earlier this year: “It’s not losing,” he explained. “It’s staying in the game and . . . pursuing your objectives.”

How terrifying to know that, for some senior military officers (who, by the way, are not necessarily on the Right politically), warfare is about “staying in the game.” Both Left and Right have vested interests in keeping conflicts going—progressives get an extended opportunity to effect “social change” on a culture of “toxic masculinity,” while so-called conservatives keep the procurement pipelines open and flowing…”

…”The Germans and Japanese learned that lesson in 1945. Will Islam? If we’re not prepared to teach it to them, then be prepared for infinite war. Because victory is obviously too expensive to contemplate…”

Of course, the reality is that infinite war in very expensive in money and lives.

Stand your ground. #Schumershutdown


The #Schold the linehumershutdown is upon us.

The, up until now, conventional wisdom has been that a Government shutdown is always bad for the GOP. But is it?  Has it ever been that in the past?  I submit that the reason the GOP has been blamed successfully in the past has been its own weakness in allowing a shutdown then ultimately caving. The GOP Senators specifically are scared of shadows to the extent they can’t come together on anything and hold the line.  Many still don’t understand the current electorate.

This year is a bit different, however.  With Donald Trump, a President that is willing to take heat for the GOP, as much as a President can, one can hope a bit of a backbone will be seen.  The argument is so obviously on the GOP side of the rhetoric war this year.

Illegals or citizens (military, first responders etc.)  The commercials make themselves.

It will only be to complete capitulation that will see the GOP lose this Shutdown debate.

I wouldn’t touch that button

There appears to be a lot of disruption everywhere these days.  The Democrats of telling on each other, the Republicans (so-called) are shooting down their own bills and paying for opposition research on their own side, and Hollywood’s own activism is biting them in the ass. So far I don’t see a downside. A house cleaning has been in order for a long time.  Oh, the real culprits will escape the purge but perhaps a number of useful idiots will fall by the wayside.  There will be new ones of course.

When it’s over will things be better or worse?  Most likely the same.


Kneeling and firing

President Trump has stated that NFL players that disrespect the American Flag and National Anthem should be fired. He also says fans should “pick up and leave” if it continues.

The NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell says that the President is disrespecting the NFL and its players. I guess disrespecting the country is ok though.

The NFL Commissioner is probably more pissed at the “pick up and leave” comment more than anything. NFL ratings and attendance are already down. But my heart simply can’t bleed for these millionaires. Pressure can work both ways.

I doubt many of the people have any idea what exactly they are protesting. Injustice? So, disrespecting our flag and national anthem helps?

If I were an NFL owner I wouldn’t require standing, but I also wouldn’t allow the politicizing of my team. If you have a cause, great, work it on your own time. I have no issue with any player in any league protesting on their time. There is nothing wrong with that. But don’t complain if you do it at work and there are consequences. If you’re an owner don’t be surprised if your income streams falls.

It is all divisive? Sure but that’s what the left always says when someone stands up to them. You see it’s divisive because it disrupts their narrative.

I personally won’t pay to see any NFL games, mostly because the price is too damn high for normal working class people. I also don’t subscribe to any ESPN or NFL television packages or buy NFL merchandise. Again, the price of the items are outrageous.

I’d rather spend my money on quality cigars and time in the woods.

The assault on Confederate statues is about power

The Antifa and anti-confederate statue people could care less about the Confederate statues. Their goal is about gaining power and intimidating the masses. I would be willing to bet most of this crowd knows very little about the civil war or the personalities of the war on either side. Remember just a short time ago an Abraham Lincoln statue was set afire.

No, this is about power. The far left, which is just about everyone on the left now, are flexing their Marxist muscle. The left has found a weak spot. What used to be moderate America is afraid to say anything that might allow the far left to label them. The long PC war is coming to a head and at this moment the moderate left and right are not looking good.

The far right which every media outlet is obsessed with is so small and weak it’s irrelevant. However, they have shown how our country has slipped. They are now looking like the victims.

The real victim, of course, is free speech and the rule of law. As Antifa and their cousins openly call for the killing of police and any others that oppose them while the politicians hide in their “safe space” corner.

Riots in Schorndorf? How does this happen?

Schorndorf is a small town located a short twenty minute drive east of Stuttgart Germany. I’m vary familiar with this town as my wife comes from this town and her family still reside there. We have continually warned family and friends of the consequences of a completely open refugee policy. This policy has now hit home. During Schorndorf’s annual Volksfest the assaults began. It intensified to a point were neighboring cities were called to help.clip_image002”Authorities in the town of Schorndorf in Baden-Württemberg have expressed shock after police and bystanders were attacked by members of a group of around 1,000 youths.” ( 17 July 2017)

“Police report that a group of around 1,000 teenagers and young men gathered on Saturday evening in the grounds of Schorndorf Castle, as the small town celebrated the second day of its week-long town fair. According to police, a large portion of the group had immigrant backgrounds.” ( 17 July 2017)

“From within the group, beer bottles were thrown at the walls of the castle, at other festival-goers, and eventually at police officers.” ( 17 July 2017)

“The violence faced by police was shocking,” a police spokesperson said, adding that while it was normal for large numbers of youth to gather at the festival, the aggression was new.” ( 17 July 2017)

“When officers tried to arrest one suspect on suspicion of causing serious bodily harm, the situation escalated, with many people getting involved to try to hinder the arrest.” ( 17 July 2017)

“Police then called for backup. More officers arrived at the scene in riot gear, “to shield the arrest and to prevent an attack.” As officers withdrew from the scene, they were again attacked with bottles.” ( 17 July 2017)

“Eventually police called in support from nearby towns to counteract what they described as “massive potential for violence.”” ( 17 July 2017)


You have to understand, this kind of violence in this town is unheard of until now. Schorndof was much like you’d picture of a small German village when I was there. You could once walk anywhere without any fear day or night.

Here’s the kicker, nobody has been arrested. But then nobody ever gets arrested when refugees are involved in Germany these days. It’s a complete failure of Government and happy thoughts.

“Three incidents of sexual assaults against women were also reported on Friday evening, while one was reported on Saturday.”( 17 July 2017)

“An Iraqi man was being investigated in connection with one of the assaults on Friday. After a 17-year-old reported being held against her will and then groped on her backside on Saturday, three Afghani men were also being investigated for the crime.”( 17 July 2017)

“Wir Shaffen Das”, (We’ll manage it) Really?


Green Beret found innocent of shooting

Michael Galvin was charged with negligent homicide after an intruder broke into his detached garage. Michael shot the intruder.

An autopsy showed that the intruder was shot in the back. The question is, so what? In a fight it’s not impossible to believe that at the time the weapon was fired the intruder had turned. It doesn’t change the fact the intruder was in a place he shouldn’t have been. It doesn’t negate the potential and unknown threat the intruder must be assumed to have.

The state decided that the garage was not covered under the “make my day” law. The law allows homeowner to use deadly force against invaders. The argument is that the garage doesn’t meet the standard which states that the buildings are, “used, intended to be used, or usually used by a person for habitation”. Does a detached garage qualify?

Twelve jurors, seven women and five men decided it was. With only a half a day of deliberation they acquitted Michael.

The fact this was ever brought to trail is one of the problems with our society. A person protecting himself, his family and or property shouldn’t have to justify that defense.

Michael is a former member of the 10th Special Forces Group (Airborne).


It’s hot in the desert

Heat wave oh no…..

Every year is seems the press in their attempt to push Global Warming, come out with stories of heat waves in the Southwest. This has been summer in the Southwest every year, some hotter and some cooler. In the late 80’s I was working with the Nevada National Guard in Indian Springs, Nevada. The average temperature those two weeks hovered around 115 degrees, with some days hotter. Our guys working out of Death Valley were dealing with 120+ degrees. No one was hurt.

Was it hot? Well hell yeah it was hot. Global Warming (climate change) nope, it’s the Southwest. It’s the desert. It’s hot in the desert.

Southern California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas are hot folks. You learn to live with it or move.


An article from the AP has this doozy.

“PHOENIX (AP) — The main burn center in Phoenix has seen its emergency department visits double during the heat wave that is scorching the Southwest U.S., including people burning their bare feet on the scalding pavement.”

No shit people. Put some damn shoes on. What are you stupid?