Riots are not protests.

Some thoughts on the last few days. Riots are not protests. There was an easy consensus that the police officers in Minneapolis were wrong in their actions and should be arrested and charged. This was in fact in the process of happening. Protesting the actions of these officers is completely legitimate. However, once those protests … Continue reading Riots are not protests.

China Virus #2

Working at home and teleconferencing during the “Stay at home” orders Many of us find ourselves working from home now. Even in the best of times working from home can be a challenge. There are many distractions you must navigate in order to get your work done. Then there are the very real technology challenges … Continue reading China Virus #2


Surprisingly good move! So my wife and I were looking for a movie to watch last night. Both of us wanted something different, a change from the normal Hollywood formula scripts. After opening Amazon Prime we decided on an Indian film "Padmaavat". Now, having been assigned to some locations in the general vicinity of India … Continue reading Padmaavat

Infinite war

Check out Michael Walsh's article What Price Victory? What Cost 'Infinite War'? I hear this side of the argument more and more these days. Once again the question must be asked, "are we the world's Police?" Walsh indirectly asks that question. Give it a read. Excerpts: "The reaction from the proponents of endless war was … Continue reading Infinite war