Interesting Crime map

I found this interactive refugee and migrant crime map for Europe. There are a couple of interesting points to this site. On their FAQ page they explain what they are about. 1. Who is behind this project? This project is solely supported by people that feel very concerned about their own and their families' … Continue reading Interesting Crime map

Immigration (illegal type), Facebook, Hobby Lobby

Some thoughts on various items this week Illegal immigration: I was in Texas a short time ago and talked with a person very involved in the situation on the Texas border. The gist of the discussion was that our borders are wide open and our politicians are actively preventing those tasked with border security. The … Continue reading Immigration (illegal type), Facebook, Hobby Lobby

Last course for a bit. PMI PMP

Starting the PMP (Project Management Professional) course this week.  This will be the last class I take for a while.  Then I'll be concentrating on taking the exams for the courses over the last two months.  I've completed the ITIL Certification so far.  Courses taken: Security +, Network +, CISSP, Project Management fundamentals.