Immigration (illegal type), Facebook, Hobby Lobby

Some thoughts on various items this week

Illegal immigration: I was in Texas a short time ago and talked with a person very involved in the situation on the Texas border. The gist of the discussion was that our borders are wide open and our politicians are actively preventing those tasked with border security. The frustration was palatable. While the individual was careful not to point at any specific political party or individual it was obvious he wasn’t talking about Bushes immigration policy.

I’ve been touching on this issue here and there the past six months or so. For what appear to be political reasons we have encouraged the illegal migration of people across our borders. This has created a crises in the border regions and now we are moving them to a neighborhood near you.

So, the question I have is do we want our country to turn into a third world nation? If so, then by all means lets continue this open border policy. If not you might want stand up and say enough. I’ve been in many third world nations and they suck. I mean suck badly.


Facebook experimentation: Ok, if you didn’t already get the hint that Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook is not your friend take a look at the Facebook experiments. Without anyone’s consent Facebook decided to conduct some Psychological experiment with the users. The researchers wanted to find out if emotions were contagious. So they manipulated the feeds you saw. Freaking nice huh? So, when the mentally disturbed kid goes off the deep and because he was forced fed a particular idea just blame guns not the liberal ass-clowns at Facebook. I don’t have a Facebook account. I did at one time however I noticed years ago that there were a whole lot of things going on behind the scenes. We all know many companies monitor what we look at and I don’t mind that necessarily, but Facebook takes it to a new level. Granted it’s competing with Google.  However, this is not about using your information this is about manipulating you.

Eli the Computer Guy has a good video on this at

Hobby Lobby ruling: Holy cow, the left went bat-shit crazy over this ruling. This is about Hobby Lobby not being forced to pay for all 20 Birth Control methods. Because paying for 16 Isn’t enough for some. Luckily for us that great conservative Bill Clinton signed The Religious Freedom and Restoration Act. A couple of articles from “The Week”.

News, internet, Mexico

It’s been a busy time. Granted, that’s not a good excuse for the laps in posting. But in truth, I don’t know if I have much more to say. The fears I had of this administration appear to be coming true and even many of the vast Obama supporters are feeling discouraged. The Republican party still hasn’t gotten its collective *&(* together. The news media continues to report on their own issues and very little on the actual events around the US let alone around the world. If we could only get the personalities off the news. One can dream right?

Internet forums and comments:

Occasionally, I run across a forum or comments that truly engage readers and inform us on various subjects. I suppose that’s one of the advantages of the internet. Of course you must wade through tons partisan and ignorant rants to find those few kernels of information. There are many blogs and forums where I’ve picked up a lot on history from those with opposing views yet still put out good facts. It is time consuming however.


I suggest a closer look into the Mexican drug war and general situation in Mexico and our border then ask yourselves why we aren’t hearing more about this tragedy in our daily news. This is not to advocate any particular slant on the border or immigrations or security, but rather to build a real understanding of the issue which is almost never talked about in the news.

I was going to post a longer piece on this issue but work got in the way. However the information is out there.

Why are fewer people going to football games?

I’ve seen this question in number of articles lately.  The first answer is often that the home experience is much better now with large screen TV’s,  tivo and the like.  The chart below is why I don’t go to football games.  Yes, my home experience is better, or better on the pocketbook. 


Now add the prices of the concessions.  Apparently there are a hell of a lot of people make considerably more money then I am.

$4.50 average drink

$5.00 average hotdog

$7.00 average beer

I guess that’s not bad considering the price of concessions at the movies.

Batman, Ben Affleck? Really?


Is Ben Affleck really the next batman.  In the upcoming Superman sequel, it’s reported that Ben is the pick for the new Batman. I don’t mind Ben Affleck.  I don’t think our political views are a match but most of his movies have been ok.  But that’s kind of it, just ok.  Batman is a tormented character, that’s why Christian Bale did it so well. Christian seems a bit tormented himself.  Batman is angry, brooding, well the latest incarnations anyway and is Ben the guy for that?  Batman as the Dark Knight isn’t only about justice but vengeance.  He’s big, he’s angry and he’s willing to do what is necessary to remove evil from Gotham. Is Ben? The Batman movies have been on a pretty good roll lately so if true I hope Ben can pull it off.


Apathy in Surveillance?

Why Nobody Cares About the Surveillance State

On their face, Edward Snowden’s revelations about the National Security Agency’s secret mass electronic data surveillance system should have created a political firestorm for the Obama administration and the U.S. Congress.

…In other words, the government outright lied to the public and was caught in its own lies…

…And yet, apart from some voices from the antiwar left and the libertarian right (on foreign policy there is considerable overlap between the Tea Party and the Occupy movement), the reaction from this deceived public for the most part has been strangely muted. It is not just the somewhat contradictory nature of the polls taken this summer, which have shown the public almost evenly split on whether the seemingly unlimited scope of these surveillance programs was doing more harm than good. It is akso that, unlike on issues such as immigration and abortion, much of the public outrage presupposed by news coverage of the scandal does not, in reality, seem to exist…

Interesting article at

Last course for a bit. PMI PMP

Starting the PMP (Project Management Professional) course this week.  This will be the last class I take for a while.  Then I’ll be concentrating on taking the exams for the courses over the last two months.  I’ve completed the ITIL Certification so far.  Courses taken: Security +, Network +, CISSP, Project Management fundamentals.