Reading I Ripper

imageLast week I finished up “I Ripper”, by Stephen Hunter. This is a story of Jack the Ripper viewed through Jacks own diary and the dairy of a Reporter.  This is quite a departure for Stephen Hunter who’s Bob Lee Swagger sniper saga is probably his best known work.

I Ripper is not for everyone, in fact if you check out the many reviews on the various book sites, it’s all over the charts from one star to five and everything in between.

I personally liked the story, but then I’m a fan of gothic England and while there have been many worse serial killers since Jack the Ripper, he is intriguing.  The atmosphere of the late 1800 England and the White Chapel areas was detailed in it’s grit and grime. 

If this is your type of story than it will satisfy.


4 thoughts on “Reading I Ripper

  1. The murders are pretty vivid although in a clinical sense. I didn’t find them terribly hard to read. Although if you’re very squeamish I’d skim over those parts.

  2. This novel must be like that other novel about the main questioning whether he is a serial killer or not.

    Unfortunately, cannot remember name of the book or author…

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