ISIS, Smaller government, Media, Fed v Dem-Rep

The new year is here. For me that means changes again. I’ve moved to a new position with a new company. An opportunity came up I couldn’t turn it down.

I hope the new hours and type of work will leave me a little more time for posting here. It’s been tough the last year with a lot of travel and then a work schedule that really didn’t work well for me.

With that said I hope to look at a couple topics a little deeper this year.


ISIS – While I am no longer in the military, the continued growth of Jihadist is concerning. How, after spending so much time, lives and money have we seen no progress on this front?

Smaller government – Why it’s so important that government is large enough to conduct its basic business but not too large to become unmanageable and unaccountable. Which is currently is.

Media – Will there ever be a Sunday news program where issues are discussed for more than two minutes? The downfall of media is the fact that it’s all sound bites and no discussion. Everyone is so entrenched in getting their talking points out that no one ever learns anything or actually works towards a solution to any problem.

One other topic I hope to post about is the arguments of the Federalist and Democrat-Republicans during President Washington’s time in office. The infighting between the two cabinet members Alexander Hamilton (Federalist) and Thomas Jefferson (Democrat-Republican) is very interesting.

So, we will see how this next year of blog posting goes.


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