Christmas Eve–Colorado Springs

2014-12-24 13.19.11

It’s a little chilly out today, this Christmas eve. We’ve been getting little blasts of cold with just a touch of snow but nothing great. It’s been just enough snow to make morning drives miserable but not enough to play in. That’s pretty normal on the front range in Colorado. I hear the mountains are getting quite a bit though. That is always good news. We can use the water in the springs and skiing isn’t quite a good with no snow!

I’m off work today and the smell of cooking has taken over the house. I love that smell in the house although my wife hates the house smelling of food. I don’t understand that. What could be more comforting than the whiff of turkey or ham drifting through the house?

Today will be a bit of a break from news. It’s all bad and all sensationalized anyway. Frankly if you watch once a week you’ll get your fill. It’s tough for me as I’ve always been somewhat of a news junky. Still, today and tomorrow I’ll reserve for good movies and good food.

So to all I wish a Merry Christmas whatever your religion and beliefs. Stay safe.


7 thoughts on “Christmas Eve–Colorado Springs

  1. Merry Christmas, Brother. “The Grand Seduction” Independent film that has some funny edges….enjoy your family. Tell Tina, there is nothing that speaks of a home like the smell of good cooking, from an Italian to a German……..

  2. Thanks, Honey…;)! I acutally LIKE the smell of cooking … just not for hours afterwards and lingering in the bedrooms…:)! Little wisdom for the Holidays….never, never insult the cook… you might find yourself in front of an empty plate…;)! Holiday Greetings … with the fresh turkey roasting in the oven… what a nice smell…;)!

  3. Merry Christmas, past present or future.

    As for the news, I haven’t watched a single second since some odd decades ago… cannot quite recall any more.

    Watching the news is like watching something being microwaved. Bad energy vibes and inefficient use of time. was what I originally used to get some information for investigation.

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