EU on the brink? Again?

Donald Tusk

THE European Union has lost control of its borders and risks total collapse if they are not sealed, a senior Brussels diplomat has warned.

Donald Tusk, president of the European Council, warned the EU was now facing a “critical point” and that the migrant crisis hadn’t even reached its peak.

As he chaired an emergency meeting of EU leaders in Brussels last night Mr Tusk painted a bleak picture of the EU’s future, saying the 28-member bloc was on the verge of breakdown with “recriminations and misunderstanding” pitting nations against one another.

The future of free movement was at stake, he said, as the continent had lost control of its borders as well as a “sense of order”…

…He appeared to lay much of the blame with Germany, accusing Chancellor Angela Merkel of exacerbating the problem by sending the signal to desperate Syrians fleeing their war-torn homeland that Germany had no limit on the number of migrants it would accept.

It is amazing the stupidity at which the German government has acted on this issue. In the name of political correctness (Multi-Culti), Germany and the EU have created one of the largest immigration and security crises that the EU may face. In fact it may change if not bring the EU down.merkel

Already there are reports of normal hard working Germans being displaced by their own government to appease the invaders (sorry their not refugees). Crime by immigrants is up and so are clashes with officials trying to help them. You’ll note, if you follow European news sites, that much like the US media, when crime is committed by a “protected” group, there is little information on the criminal.

What was Angela Merkel thinking?


5 thoughts on “EU on the brink? Again?

  1. If America wants to cut and run in Iraq and Afghanistan… they might as well cut and run in Europe now. The nuclear launch facility will be in Islamic hands before the end of this century.

    Then America can cut and run from this planet, but hey, that isn’t impossible.

  2. Unfortunately my sources don’t speak German and I only studied it for a few years. Thus, I don’t have a lot of data penetration, including open sources, on what exactly is going on over there politically, culturally, and Islamically.

    The stories out of England, though, gives a good primer.

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