Oakland Raiders to Las Vegas!

So after spending a lifetime as an Oakland Raiders fan it seems the ride is nearly over. Living through the good years (70s) and the bad (all of the last 12 minus last year) I’ve stood by the Raiders. Even when they moved to LA. I mean, at least they were still in California. Granted I haven’t lived in CA since 1984 and doubt I ever would again.

To me they will always be the Oakland Raiders. Now it seems I’ve got just a few seasons left. They will potentially move around 2020 after a new stadium is built in Las Vegas. Now I like Las Vegas and see no issue with them having a team, but I hate the way teams move. My rule, should anyone give a **&*, would be that you can move but the name stays. I’d probably become a Las Vegas “whatever” team fan anyway.

Currently I live in Colorado, in Bronco territory. That means I live a pain filled life during football season anyway. No, I won’t become a Denver fan.



Ken Stabler has died

I live in the land of the Denver Broncos.  Their symbols are everywhere.  But I grew up in the land of the Oakland Raiders.  One very large part of that time was Ken Stabler. 

He led a Raiders team the often seemed to wait until the forth quarter to begin playing.  When the game seemed all but over, Stabler would bring them back and often win.  It was fun and frustrating to watch.  But you knew that until the final whistle blew the game was still in play.

Ken Stabler was playing football when it was still affordable to see. 

I used to have a signed football from Ken.  At some point in my life it didn’t make the many moves. I sure wish I still had the football today.

RIP Snake.