Leaking out of control and dangerous

Leak have always been around. Mostly used by administrations to get out information they didn’t want to directly release or as a trial balloon. But the leaks in the Trump administration are much worse. While leaks that are planned, are not really leaks at all, these current leaks appear illegal and disclose information that is classified or sensitive at the least. The precedent this sets will not be good for the country if these leakers are not caught and prosecuted.

The latest leaks find the Washington Post with alleged transcripts of President Trumps calls to world leaders. The new Chief of Staff, John Kelly better get on this.

Image result for  documents

I am a bit confused as to why the leakers or at least the ones in the White House haven’t been discovered. Has the deep state so infiltrated the government at all levels that they can’t be touched?

I don’t know if the leaks have actually hurt President Trump but they make the government look even worse than it is. Well maybe not worse but shows the depth of deceit and lack of integrity we have in the many levels of our government. It’s not encouraging. The problem is that while it may not hurt President Trump it is hurting the country.

One can only conclude the number of Anti-Americans in our government and media is extremely high.

Drastic measures may be needed to ferret out these treasonous people. I just hope we have someone, anyone, in government that is not on the take and will actually take the steps required to end these leaks. While they’re at it, they can start indicting the many criminals from the previous administration and any found in the current.

As it stands very few in government ever get anything more than fired which often leads to lucrative book deals (Comey) or lobbyist positions.


2 thoughts on “Leaking out of control and dangerous

  1. Leaks are like polls. They are designed to manipulate humans.

    Besides, OPM leaks already demonstrated that DC is full of traitors. So did the communist agents in the Truman/FDr admin.

  2. I don’t know if the leaks have actually hurt President Trump but they make the government look even worse than it is.

    Would be pretty difficult for anything to make DC look worse than my sources have informed me.

    Human child trafficking? Check
    Satanic child sacrifices and sexual pain rituals? Check
    Corruption? Check
    Treason? Check

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