Riots in Schorndorf? How does this happen?

Schorndorf is a small town located a short twenty minute drive east of Stuttgart Germany. I’m vary familiar with this town as my wife comes from this town and her family still reside there. We have continually warned family and friends of the consequences of a completely open refugee policy. This policy has now hit home. During Schorndorf’s annual Volksfest the assaults began. It intensified to a point were neighboring cities were called to help.clip_image002”Authorities in the town of Schorndorf in Baden-Württemberg have expressed shock after police and bystanders were attacked by members of a group of around 1,000 youths.” ( 17 July 2017)

“Police report that a group of around 1,000 teenagers and young men gathered on Saturday evening in the grounds of Schorndorf Castle, as the small town celebrated the second day of its week-long town fair. According to police, a large portion of the group had immigrant backgrounds.” ( 17 July 2017)

“From within the group, beer bottles were thrown at the walls of the castle, at other festival-goers, and eventually at police officers.” ( 17 July 2017)

“The violence faced by police was shocking,” a police spokesperson said, adding that while it was normal for large numbers of youth to gather at the festival, the aggression was new.” ( 17 July 2017)

“When officers tried to arrest one suspect on suspicion of causing serious bodily harm, the situation escalated, with many people getting involved to try to hinder the arrest.” ( 17 July 2017)

“Police then called for backup. More officers arrived at the scene in riot gear, “to shield the arrest and to prevent an attack.” As officers withdrew from the scene, they were again attacked with bottles.” ( 17 July 2017)

“Eventually police called in support from nearby towns to counteract what they described as “massive potential for violence.”” ( 17 July 2017)


You have to understand, this kind of violence in this town is unheard of until now. Schorndof was much like you’d picture of a small German village when I was there. You could once walk anywhere without any fear day or night.

Here’s the kicker, nobody has been arrested. But then nobody ever gets arrested when refugees are involved in Germany these days. It’s a complete failure of Government and happy thoughts.

“Three incidents of sexual assaults against women were also reported on Friday evening, while one was reported on Saturday.”( 17 July 2017)

“An Iraqi man was being investigated in connection with one of the assaults on Friday. After a 17-year-old reported being held against her will and then groped on her backside on Saturday, three Afghani men were also being investigated for the crime.”( 17 July 2017)

“Wir Shaffen Das”, (We’ll manage it) Really?



4 thoughts on “Riots in Schorndorf? How does this happen?

  1. If I was working for Lucifer’s general staff and strategic command, small towns like these are actually one of my first proposed targets to begin the ink blot strategy of guerilla and counter terror ops.

  2. After 2001, I spent a lot of effort finding good H2H instructors and modern martial arts training methodologies.

    Good to see that even though the rest of the world thought I was a paranoid wasting my time… in the end, guess who got the last laugh.

  3. Back in 2006 or perhaps it was 2012, a civilian contractor and previous military veteran, was talking about anti rape training in the Army.

    I compared a little of my own training vs the Army’s training, and the Army’s training was almost a joke. It became even more of a joke once the person started talking about how a power point presentation was the max extent of their anti rape self defense training…

    If all I did after 2001 was watch online videos and watch power point presentations… I would not nearly be as confident in physical scenarios against humans and human trash mobs.

    The Army’s official excuse for why they don’t utilize specialized hand to hand training drills was even more pathetic. Something to do with liability or not wanting half cocked women going ballistic against blue friendlies… in fact, much of the reason why women soldiers who had access to a rifle or handgun in the warzone bases didn’t kill their attackers, was because of the Army’s own conditioning against opening fire on blues.

  4. The secret to combat mentality wasn’t civilian or military techniques. It was learning how to “switch off” social conditioning. My rules of engagement are not triggered by the police or military authorities, I have it personally encoded so that it only triggers based off of my own “red” alert settings.

    A feral human in the wild doesn’t need human prohibitions and civilized logic, nor emotions. Can switch all of that off to save power and oxygen for the motor controls.

    Social conditioning, especially against violence, is much the same as a baby elephant being shackled to a stake in the ground. When the baby elephant is small, it tries to pull away and it hurts, so it stops. When it grows bigger, it could pull out almost anything in the “ground”, but it doesn’t try, because it has been conditioned to believe it will fail. So it just got used to it.

    Most civilians get used to being protected. Many military members are used to only using force when given authorization.

    There’s a small subset of people who either don’t need external authorization or they have their own internal rules of engagement which they can trigger off of.

    Besides, when super oxygen is provided to the brain so that the visual cortex processes more than 200 frames per second in a second, it almost doesn’t matter whether you are good at a technique or not. The infamous Matrix bullet slow down or the machine combat mindset of battles or berserkers. It is a very good upgrade to the WMD of the human brain, if it can be controlled and reset at appropriate times. Merlin himself was once said to be a berserker that acquired it on a battlefield, and went into voluntary self exile in order to keep other humans safe. He learned a lot about druids and wilderness survival when he came back as a “wizard”.

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