Jihadis among German refugees… Really?

German Intel Agency Says Hundreds of Jihadis Arrived Among Refugees


Hans-Georg Maassen, Head of the German Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (Bundesamt Fuer Verfassungschutz)


“BfV further said hundreds of jihadis arrived among the more than one million migrants who entered the country over the past two years.”

“We have to assume that we can expect further attacks by individuals or terror commandos in Germany too,” BfV chief Hans-Georg Maassen said at a press conference Tuesday. “Islamist terrorism is the biggest challenge facing the BfV and we see it as one of the biggest threats facing the internal security of Germany.”

Well no shit.

I am not criticizing Herr Maassen, as the German intelligence community is very robust.  However, the country is run by those they are either blind, stupid, or trying to destroy their nation (see Angela Merkel).  Add to that the German people have been living in a protected bubble for decades.  Too many Germans are surprised by the actions of many refugees, whom they were told were all very nice, educated doctors or some other such nonsense. 

Political correctness in Germany is much worse than America and is more indoctrinated into their populace.  For many Germans, they’d rather let rape, murder and abuse proliferate than be seen as mean.  Plus the German  government has used the anti-Nazi laws to restrict free speech to a great extent.




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