Democrats won’t cooperate in Voter fraud investigation

Democrats are already stating they will not comply with President Trump’s voter fraud commission probe. So, how exactly can we be sure there is no voter fraud? Just like the DNCs hacked servers that were never turned over to the FBI, the Democrats don’t want the American public to see what’s behind the curtain.image

Three states, California, Virginia and Kentucky, have said they won’t comply. Isn’t voter fraud a serious issue? Shouldn’t it be investigated? Many on the left say there is no wide spread voter fraud. But wouldn’t hacking by the Russians be voter fraud. There was no need for evidence in that investigation. As the left always says, the issue is too serious not to investigate.

I don’t know if there is or isn’t enough voter fraud to alter a presidential election or a local election for that matter, but shouldn’t we be trying to ensure our system is unquestionable. Or are there some that like it a little vague and open?



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