Theresa May still may not get it.

“We cannot allow this ideology the safe space it needs to breed – yet that is precisely what the internet, and the big companies that provide internet-based services provide,” Ms May said.

“We need to work with allied democratic governments to reach international agreements to regulate cyberspace to prevent the spread of extremist and terrorism planning.


No Prime Minister, you need to go to the places where the Jihadist live and teach. Neighborhoods filled with Jihadi preaching turds and Mosques need to be opened up and exposed. Those not citizens need to be removed. Citizens linked to Jihadist crimes or overseas training camps need to be jailed. The enemy is not hiding behind the Internet, they are right in front of you.

It’s not the internet. But of course once you control the internet you will certainly have control over free speech and those that criticize the government.

The governments of the West are too busy looking for “far right” boogeymen instead of fighting the fight that has been brought to us.


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