Are the WH leaks part of a plan?

If you wanted to completely discredit a media (and political opponent) that you believe is out to get you, how would that be done? If you were to leak many false stories and the media were to publish without verifying, how would that turn out for the media? Over time would they still be credible? Would it also leave an opponent looking incompetent as they latch on to every narrative supporting their cause?

How would the media counter? Perhaps by actually investigating and reporting verifiable facts. But they just can’t control themselves. When one has a bias and can’t account for it in their reporting it’s very difficult to see the facts.

Just thinking out loud….



One thought on “Are the WH leaks part of a plan?

  1. The Media is it’s own worse enemy. They are rushing to beat each other with the next story, yet do little to vet their stories. The news/editorializing ratio has shrunk to the point that we exponentially receive far more opinion than news. The average person doesn’t even recognize this phenomenon any more and are swayed, which is the intention, by the Media. The left counts on this. What the left and the Media don’t realize is that they have been found out. If one were to just listen to the Media, the US is going to hell in a hand basket. The Stock Market, border crossings, unemployment, domestic terror attacks, racial incidents have all changed drastically in just 6 months since the election. Bill Clinton said it best. “It’s the economy, Stupid.”……………People know when things are going well in their life and the Media doesn’t do itself any favors by trying to whitewash the facts.

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