O’Reilly out at fox, but probably with a big payout


Since Bill just signed a new contract I would bet that Mr. O, will get a nice severance payout.

"It is a staggering amount," said a source personally involved in the exit maneuverings.

Fox is only on the hook for one years’ salary, according to one of the sources. That’s why the payout totals $25 million.

Please someone buy me out. I won’t say a word……


More seriously, I don’t know if O’Reilly is guilty of anything. The public version of the accusations are pretty weak. But in these times it doesn’t take anything for sexual harassment claim. While I’m not a great O’Reilly fan, I watched his show now and then and was given “killing the Rising Sun” as a gift. It turned out to be a very good book. (Martin Dugard is a very good writer).

Every day I watch less and less cable news. There just isn’t much news there. Nearly all opinion and conjecture.


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2 Responses to “O’Reilly out at fox, but probably with a big payout”

  1. chilihntr Says:

    O’Reilly most likely was a very inflexible, hard man to work for. You and I grew up with men like that and could deal with it. Today’s snowflakes not so much. I don’t believe he sexually harassed anyone.

  2. ymarsakar Says:

    FNC was over the moment they caved to Hussein. The Left wasn’t going to let any blackmail be unused then.

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