Can the President question or ridicule a judge?

Why not? Of course he can. This does not upset the balance of power. It does not change the separation of powers. It in fact, shows the difference of power. President Obama criticized the sitting Supreme Court in his Term and now Trump has spoken about a sitting judge. So what? Unless a president usurps that Judges authority then it’s just the natural search for that balance of power.


Don’t Congressmen and Senators continually question, criticize and often ridicule the standing President whomever it may be? Of course they do and vice versa. But now with a Republican and especially a Trump in office the standard must change somehow?

It’s not seemly of course and is a shame but there is a fight to be had. We don’t have gentlemen politicians as we may have once had. This unfortunately is the system we have created.

According to the social Justice crowd, the defeated Democrats and a spattering of other Marxist the elected officials who won, must bow to them and their demands. It seems they have this a little backwards. I remember a former President say something to the effect of, “Elections matter. I won; you lost. Deal with it.”


The middle class, the working class, those that actually pay the bills, should remember these people and groups in the next election and continue the streak of defeats these groups have brought to the Democrat Party.

So once again I say President Trump, hold the line. Don’t give in, don’t give up, and keep pushing forward.



2 thoughts on “Can the President question or ridicule a judge?

  1. All that is going on is right out of Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. It’s all tactics and I’ve even seen some Conservatives fall for it. Do not go quietly into the night. We saw how the left destroyed Bush because he would not fight back against the constant barrage of attacks. When all is said or done, the metrics of success will determine whether this President succeeds or fails. Opposition for opposition’s sake will fail if there is no substance behind it. The left cannot argue on the merits and will ultimately fail again. There is a reason they have lost 1200 legislative seats and Governorships. Moving even more left will have the middle 40% shaking it’s head and seeking leadership elsewhere. The left has yet to self reflect on it’s losses over the last eight years of failure. They have let the Party be hijacked by the likes of Warren, Obama, Reid, Clinton, Kerry, Pelosi, Schumer and the likes. I wake up every day with a smile, knowing that these fools are putting another nail in their own coffins.

  2. Heh. Lucifer never intended the Leftist alliance to destroy America. He’s got more than one arrow in that quiver you know.

    It’s a pocket and pincer attack, not a single blitz.

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