Media biased? Really?

MRC/YouGov Polls show most people think the media is biased. While this isn’t really a surprise the question becomes how to fix this problem and it is a problem. If we can’t get reliable and unbiased information it becomes much more difficult to make good decisions.


At this point in time is seems there are more commentators than reporters at the major media outlets. They are certainly the highest paid at the media establishments. Perhaps they would do well to focus on the reporters and non-activist editors if they wish to bring some faith back to their industry.

Get rid of the talking heads and pundits or at least have fewer on and more straight facts. 

Don’t repeat what the press people say, actually report news.

Solid editors perhaps of both sides of the political spectrum would help filter out the biased reporting.

The other problem is that tabloid news and activist commentary seem to get better ratings and that makes it tough to get hard news reported. Unfortunately, that’s where the money seems to be from a very shallow populace.

I’ve been complaining about the news for a while now and it’s only gotten worse. Granted now have access to a lot of independent reporting through blogs, independent web sites and social media. You still have to filter it but at least it’s different.


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