Is the FBI Director smoking dope?

FBI director James Comey has stirred the pot once more or is he just smoking it. 


What a crazy election year.  I have no idea what James Comey is doing.  I’m sure he understands that at this point everything he says or reports to congress is big news.  He continues to send his reports that never seem to have any useful information to congress more often than would seem appropriate. 

I personally don’t think Mr. Comey should have said anything unless he was ready to recommend and indictment, which I don’t think the Justice Department would ever follow through with. 

Reading the letter from Mr. Comey below one has to wonder what in the hell was he thinking with his last letter to congress.  The Hillary supporters will say she has been cleared, which wouldn’t be accurate and the Trump supporters will say the systems is rigged. I know which I believe.



3 thoughts on “Is the FBI Director smoking dope?

  1. This is a completely meaningless letter that means nothing.

    The FBI hasn’t yet changed their conclusions from July. They are still processing the information they recently acquired. It will take them some time to finish their investigation.

    Duh. Obviously true. Doesn’t mean a thing.

    The FBI should take its time and do its job . . . and stop telegraphing ongoing criminal investigations (E-mail server scandal, Clinton foundation scandal.) If that means that Hillary doesn’t get indicted until 2018, then she doesn’t get indicted until 2018.

    Everyone else should just relax and trust the process.

  2. And people wonder why the CIA and other bureaucrats distrust each other. This is why. HouseHold Troops and Faction Loyalty. They don’t trust each other because they aren’t playing on the same team.

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