Megyn please….

Lifted from someone on another site.  Damn wish I’d have thought of this.



6 thoughts on “Megyn please….

  1. This is mean spirited. This kind of thing doesn’t belong in American politics.

    I don’t like or approve of personal attacks against Megan Kelly. Whether it comes from conservatives, leftists or liberals.

  2. No context justifies this.

    There is a saying in the east:

    You can’t always oblige, but you can speak obligingly.

  3. Anand Bullshit. This is not mean-spirited. Megyn continually says she doesn’t like men objectifying women yet poses for a layout that completely objectifies women. Just watch her show. She often wears clothes more appropriate for a night out on the town than a serious news program. Do you think that is by accident?

    Much of her success is based not on news reporting (frankly I think she’s equal in her approach) but on her personality and her looks. That’s ok, but I can certainly agree with a meme that shows she just as hypocritical as the rest of us.

  4. Megyn continually says she doesn’t like men objectifying women yet poses for a layout that completely objectifies women.

    The society is broken that people can’t even understand what that means anymore. Which make the counter propaganda meme easier to punch on the line but it isn’t difficult nor does it decrease civil war 2’s development.

    This is normally the Alt Right counter punch against SJWs, since logic or reason doesn’t work on religious fanatics, so it was easier just to attack them on their record of life. But that is merely because anti SJWs already gave up on reason and factual dialogue as being either ineffective or obsolete. But Megyn is most likely a libertarian like Glenn Reynolds, meaning they don’t follow social rules other than the ones they personally agree with. True libertarians, as in those who believe in personal liberty of any sort, are opposed to the SJW religious fanaticism which is getting more fundamental and puritan and totalitarian was time goes on. But this wouldn’t have pitted them against the Alt Right anti SJWs and anti Leftists, except for the Trum issue. And that’s where the propaganda posters come from.

  5. Whether a person agrees with a propaganda poster or not, humans with free will should always be aware of which side or faction benefits, whose allies benefit from the pro punch, and which opponents/factions takes the damage from the hit.

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