Low pay but high returns, why they don’t care

Why politicians don’t give a damn what you think,

According to financial disclosure reports, President Obama has an estimated net worth of  $7 million dollars.

Since he was worth $1.3 million in 2007, that makes the millionaire 438% more wealthythan when he first ran for office.

As reported by the International Business Times:

President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama listed assets worth between $2 million and $7 million for 2013, of which $1 million to $5 million were in Treasury notes, according to financial disclosure forms released Thursday.


The figures in the list below show Hillary Clinton’s net worth over time. Some of the figures display her net worth when combined with her husband Bill’s. Other figures, such as those from 2004 through 2015, reveal Hillary Clinton’s net worth alone. All Hillary Clinton net worth figures below come from legally required public disclosure reports.

  • Combined Bill and Hillary Clinton net worth 1992: $700,000
  • Combined Bill and Hillary Clinton net worth 2001: -$8,000,000
  • Combined Bill and Hillary Clinton net worth 2002: $4,077,000
  • Hillary Clinton net worth 2004: $30,098,000
  • Hillary Clinton net worth 2005: $30,172,503
  • Combined Bill and Hillary Clinton net worth 2006: $34,435,000
  • Hillary Clinton net worth 2007: $30,820,509
  • Hillary Clinton net worth 2008: $21,452,008
  • Hillary Clinton net worth 2009: $31,241,007
  • Hillary Clinton net worth 2010: $31,195,006
  • Hillary Clinton net worth 2011: $13,130,004
  • Hillary Clinton net worth 2012: $12,347,503
  • Hillary Clinton Net Worth 2015: $31,265,004
  • Combined Bill and Hillary Clinton net worth 2015: $111,000,000

4 thoughts on “Low pay but high returns, why they don’t care

  1. I think it is awesome that Obama is better off now than when he became president. Nothing wrong about that. No sign of any impropriety. I think the Obamas are an honorable, loving, patriotic family. Albeit I disagree with them on policy issues.

    I would agree, though that something feels odd about the Clintons. But this has been true for a long time. Nothing new here.

  2. Anand, It’s not about the Obama or Clintons, I just found the info on them. It’s about politicians who somehow after becoming elected make millions. They are civil servants and their pay isn’t that much compared to many. But miraculously they end up will many times their paycheck.

    Barack Obama
    President US
    Born: USA, Hawaii 1961
    Children: 2
    Annual: USD 395,000.00
    Monthly: USD 32,916.00
    Weekly: USD 7,596.00
    Daily: USD 1,082.00

    John Kerry
    United States Secretary of State
    Born: 1943 USA
    Children: 5
    Annual: USD 205,700.00
    Monthly: USD 17,141.00
    Weekly: USD 3,955.00
    Daily: USD 563.00

    It could be any politician.

    Senators make a fortune with the deals they are able to make with private industry while in office. Yet claim no conflict of interest. It’s a broken corrupt system. Republican or Democrat.

  3. Political power can be directly transmuted to wealth and influence. Which is why the idea I agreed with was to let anyone with money into the system, so long as they had to donate all their money to the national budget. They would still have power, but so long as they couldn’t turn it into wealth, the problem would mitigate itself. One of those ideas in the book Freehold.

    If even the United States had tried out half the crazy ideas that had a chance of working, we wouldn’t be in this decline now.

  4. Yet claim no conflict of interest. It’s a broken corrupt system.

    The Japanese termed it like this. What is good for General X is good for the USA. And then they inverted it, what is good for the USA, is good for General X.

    American underhanded deal making wasn’t a problem until the corporations became fascist or totalitarian in ideologue. So long as one was dealing with patriots, any number of issues could be resolved, even if the system was corrupt. Sort of like trying to deal with problem people back with Washington vs Benedict Arnold. There were all kinds of problems with the system, logistically, which caused winter famines and various other issues during the war. But the difference between whether the people are patriotic or righteous, or greedy and unrighteous, makes a huge difference in the output.

    In other words, a collectivist society like Singapore, China, or Japan, considers the interests of the society/group first. The individual, second. Just as the Japanese put their clan name first, then their individual name last, when reading from Left to Right. Technically, that might not matter, since they also read from Right to Left. This can be summed up as being the same as JFK’s conceptual doctrine enshrined in his speech: the country should consider what it can do for the people and the people should consider what it can do for the country.

    In this context it would be, patriotic corporations should consider what they can do for the country, working with politicians, politicians should consider what they can do for the country working with corporations, and the people should consider what they can do for the country working with both problem children.

    But that’s only applicable in the presence of patriotism. That is not the case as it applies now to the USA, however. Thus so long as factions exist, it doesn’t matter what system people use, it will end up destroying itself irregardless. Humans have the capability of destroying each other with just office politics, envy due to malignant narcissism. They don’t need the complex bureaucracies and powerful DC systems to do worse.

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