VP debate–NSA-New Shepard Rocket

VP debate

Tim Kaine’s incessant interruptions were the cause of his demise in the only VP debate for the Presidential race this year. While looking like a rabid animal Kaine was able to make Mike Pence appear to be the only sane person at the table (moderator excluded). Pence took the correct action in often ignoring the charges knowing it would be impossible to address the laundry list of accusations. The shtick was old within the first 20 minutes of the debate. Mike Pence stayed calm and collected, never once becoming rattled. An easy win.

Will it help Donald Trump? I have no idea anymore. But it certainly didn’t hurt the campaign.



Another contractor apparently has been charged with stealing classified secrets.

WASHINGTON — a 51-year-old government contractor with access to highly classified information was charged with stealing sensitive documents and other digital files.

Harold Thomas Martin III, 51, of Glen Burnie, Md., was formally charged with theft of government property and unauthorized removal and retention of classified materials, according to court documents unsealed Wednesday.

Martin was arrested in secret on Aug. 27 after a search of his Maryland home, two storage sheds and vehicle turned up a mix of classified paper documents and digital files stored on multiple devices. Among the material, according to court documents, was information classified both as top secret and the higher level "sensitive compartmented” or SCI.

Umm didn’t someone else have unauthorized classified material on a home device? Also a couple of her associates who were granted immunity had classified material on their laptops. But no charges there. Strange how that works.


Blue Origin test

Blue Origin tested their New Shepard rockets escape system. It was expected that the Rocket booster would not survive the test but hopefully the escape capsule would. In fact the rocket booster separated successfully and then landed itself in one piece. This was pretty awesome.

Check the video out at The Verge



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