Draw at best for Trump in debate

The hype was immense but as usual, the actual event didn’t live up to the publicity.  Trump was Trump and Hillary was Hillary.  Trump hit some key points but seemed to ramble and became defensive.  Hillary had a very condescending smirk most of the time.  She spoke about policy but if anyone was paying attention it was a policy that has  failed.  Trump missed some major opportunities.  The biggest was on the cyber security question.  Why Trump didn’t hit her with something like, “please don’t tell us about security when you exposed classified material on your illegal server.”  He missed it.  Hillary had her talking points and was very good at getting back to them quite often. In other words, she was a prepared as she could be.  Trump was off his game.

In the end though how was it seen by the viewers?  Well, it’s too early to tell although many are calling it a draw.

I also saw it as a draw but leaning towards Clinton.  While most of what she said was complete nonsense, she didn’t flinch and Trump was a bit too defensive

Image result for Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton first debate


3 thoughts on “Draw at best for Trump in debate

  1. I would have to agree. He needs to be less defensive and stick to policies, but she did go after him pretty quick into the debate. Which I guess was a good strategy to get him aggravated and on the defensive. I hope the next debate gives more of what there intentions are going forward if they became president. And get to the important questions with actual idea’s of what they think will help solve them. Not just bickering.

  2. The problem is that the debates will inherently be against Trump or any Republican for that matter, so that must be a given. Have a plan and follow it. That is what Hillary did.

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