SJW are not real bright


This video reminds me of my own hat experience many years ago.  I had moved to Eugene Oregon and had began my first week of the 8th grade.  I walked in wearing a cowboy hat.  While walking through the hall another student grabbed my hat off my head.  Not getting upset, I asked for my hat back.  The fellow laugh and waved my hat as he backed away.  I moved towards him and he quickly tossed my hat to another student. At that point I grabbed the first student by the collar and explained that I wanted my hat back.  “I don’t have your hat anymore”, he laughed.  “Well since you took it, you’re the one that will get the ass beating if I don’t’ get it back”, I told him.  My hat was returned soon after. 

Screw these whiny ass children.  The don’t respect free speech, hell they don’t even know what it means.  If you speak anything they don’t like they believe they have the right to instantly declare hate speech. 

You do not have the right not to be offended. 

I don’t particularly like bright red baseball caps but I’m tempted to buy one just to piss these social justice dipshits off. 


3 thoughts on “SJW are not real bright

  1. JB, there are racists, sectarians and bigots from every part and segment of America, including self proclaimed conservatives (Anne Coulter, Sean Hannity). But I have always found the largest concentration of racists, sectarians and bigots in the American hard academic left.

    Over 90% of them (bigots from the hard left) are not particularly bright, have done little research and not thought deeply about issues. Which is why they call others bigots . . . because they are woefully uninformed and can’t explain what they believe and why.

    Suspect the fools that stole your cap fell into this camp. Sorry on behalf of my species and gender that you had to go through that.

    Of course there are also many leftists who have warm hearts, research deeply, are intelligent, and think deeply. Since their goal is to help others, these are the type of leftists we should all collaborate and cooperate with.

    Interestingly Trump has attracted a lot of support from the far left.

  2. Of course, people on the far side of any ideology tend to be a bit bigoted. Tolerance is important.The SJW crowd are easily the biggest group of bigots around. By the very definition, they exhibit extream bigotry at every turn. They are not tolerant of anyone that have different views. Add to that they seldom can explain what their views are or why they believe them (As you stated Anand). But they can be very useful. Useful idiots.

    I wonder, Is Hillary Clinton a bigot since she believes that Trump supporters are irredeemable and deplorable? Not very tolerant.

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