Are journalism degrees real?

The media can be pretty funny.  Take the Sun.  It has a report with the headline:


German army reveals more than 60 ISIS militants have secretly joined its ranks

Senior military officials said all applicants should now be screened by the intelligence services for jihadist links

But that’s not the funny part. That part is just sad.  This is the funny part.

“The German Army trains all of its members in the handling and usage of weapons of war,” a leaked report said, “[terrorists] could use those skills acquired in the army to carry out well-prepared acts of violence at home or abroad.”

Umm.  No shit, it’s the ARMY….. I doubt most people would need a “leaked report”, to deduce this little fact. The “weapons of War”, part is hilarious.  I wonder if the German Army is trained in the Battle Axe, because that is a really cool weapon of war. 

And yes Germany, you might want to screen your Military applicants a bit.  Not that you’d be allowed to ask them tough questions though. Just like us Americans. We all must be sensitive.


Note:  I’ve worked with the Bundeswehr and found most of them pretty competent.  Unfortunately, for the most part, they were not allowed to fight in Afghanistan. 


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