The Republican Party fighting Repbulicans

Who voted for Donald Trump in the primaries? Democrats? Independents? There is a system in place for primaries. The Political Parties this year have shown they don’t care one bit about your actual vote. They care about their personal agendas.

Whether you like Donald Trump or not he won the Republican nomination. Yet the elites in the Republican Party are doing their very best to elect Hillary Clinton, the Democrat. Nice going guys. You see to them, you, the American people Republican or Democrat are not smart enough to elect a candidate. They will select them for you.

The latest is the letter from 5o former national security wonks that have stomped their feet and are holding their breath while saying they won’t vote for Trump. Well, who gives a shit what these people think? Many of the people are the same people who allowed the Bush administration (I happen to like Bush) to disband the Iraqi Army, institute dangerous rules of engagement on our troops and let victory slip from their hands. On the national security front, they led the fight to create an overarching, bureaucratic monstrosity of the Department of Homeland Security. One of the most useless agencies we have.

Are we are expected to listen to these turds?

I was not a Donald Trump supporter during the primaries but I’m sure as hell not a supporter of former bullshit artists either. At least Donald is current.



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