Melania Trump modeled nude, do models do that?

The latest attack on the Trumps appears to be that Melania was a model. Of course we all know that.  So what’s the big deal. Well the NY Post seems to think it’s a big deal.  The Post decided to print some nude or semi-nude photos Melania had done years ago. I don’t know if the Rupert Murdoch owned Post did this to hurt Trump or help him.  The “conservative right” and the left have jumped on this.  How dare Trump marry such a harlot?  I know, it seems silly even writing that but it’s funny how the conservative right and the left seem so in tune at times.  Hummm…

Well for us rec blooded American men we say, “nice going Trump.” 

I don’t think this hurts Trump at all.  He knows his wife and her past and so do we.  He seems quite proud of her and why not? 

So, once again Trump will get more press coverage

This kind of goes along with my previous post where German nudist were threatened.  Maybe this is a Trump attack on radical Islam?


Image result for melania trump RNC convention


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