Fight against ISIS? 1 tank and 2 vehicles!

Headline: US opens new front against ISIS with airstrikes in Libya

"I don’t want to predict the pace" of any future strikes, Pentagon Press Secretary Peter Cook told reporters at a news briefing. He denied the U.S. was leading from behind, describing the strikes as "providing military support for a partner on the ground."

Fayez Serraj, the head of the U.N.-brokered presidency council, said in a televised statement that American warplanes attacked the ISIS bastion of Sirte, "causing major casualties," adding that no U.S. ground forces were deployed. The precision strikes targeted an ISIS tank and two vehicles, officials said.

I sure hope the attacks didn’t waste million dollar munitions on just one tank and two vehicles.  Although, it wouldn’t be a surprise.

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One thought on “Fight against ISIS? 1 tank and 2 vehicles!

  1. Don’t they already have 50 M1 Abrams tanks? Or did Islamic State already sell them to China and Russia, while Iran got a few mil for hostages. No wonder they complain about the military industrial complex. The Left is the one getting rich off of selling weapons to countries.

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