German nudist threatened

The Germans must understand these men have a wonderful culture that must be nurtured. Just ask Mutti Merkel.

It’s very inconsiderate of the Germans to wish to retain their own culture.

A swimming pool in the town of Geldern in the North Rhine-Westphalia region of Germany is home to bathers who prefer a more “natural” form of swimming. Nudists at the pool were verbally abused by a group of young Muslim men who threatened them because they consider swimming in the nude ‘indecent behaviour’. The group of Muslims not only threatened the male bathers but also spat upon them and several women and children, reportsJunge Freiheit.

A total of six Muslim men were involved in the incident and are described by witnesses as being in their mid 20’s, all with full Islamic-style beards. The men insulted and threatened the nudists in both German and Arabic, yelling “Allahu akbar” at the bathers along with other Arabic insults.

One of the nudists, a mother, claimed that the young Muslims told her: “We [German] women are all sluts and they would exterminate all of us.” The woman said the men all knew German quite well and at least some of them were likely second or third generation German Muslims. “This contempt, this potential for aggression made me really afraid,” she continued and according to other witnesses the men referred to the bathers as “infidels”.



3 thoughts on “German nudist threatened

  1. I think it is important to disaggregate two different groups:
    1) Takfiris who want to conquer and rule the world by force. The Takfiri are willing to kill tens of millions of muslims and nonmuslims to achieve this
    2) non Takfiri muslim Islamists who promote global Islamism while mostly opposing Takfiri. They aren’t willing to kill large numbers of people.

    The first category is at war with the world. The second category are not at war with the world.

    This article deals with the second category. What are your ideas for dealing with this second category?

  2. Tell me Anan how to you tell them apart?

    The issue is not Takfiris but rather uncontrolled migration to western countries. Migration that is not supported by jobs but welfare. This leads even “moderates” to radicalization with too much free time and free stuff.

    Another issue is a weak western culture that won’t stand up for itself.

  3. Don’t tell the Germans how you are going to kill them all…I think the Germans have a better resume on that than any muslim group….just sayin…

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