Nice France! What now?

A Tunisian-French national, Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, speeds through a crowd in Nice France, killing at least 84 and injuring many others. A terrorist attack? Yes, and the images are shocking. But will it make a difference? Will the west finally see the enemy is among us? I doubt it. While more and more are stating the obvious, the European and US leadership are paralyzed.

Some have called for a major response, something that will shock the radical and non-radial Islamist. I agree this is what is needed but words are much easier.
I’m amazed how the western world is so afraid to be angry. People worried they may offend our enemies or that our enemy’s supporters will be upset. How the west has changed.

I suppose so many years of left wing indoctrination will do that to a nation(s).

How many times have we heard that we must continue our lives as if nothing has changed? This is exactly the wrong answer. We must remind the world why the west leads the world in nearly all areas of civilization. We must remind the world that we will fight for civilization itself.

We are often lectured that if we kill them that will only create more. What garbage.

People, organizations, and nations that support radical Islam must be destroyed. It’s that simple. The ideology must be seen as a failure and those that sit on the side lines need to fear the West more than the Islamist.

I fear, however, that only a small number of people will fight for civilization and only a slightly larger number even recognize there is a threat.


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