Brexit, the push against the elites

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England has voted to leave the EU. One would think reading the media reports that the world is ending. But of course, it’s not. The media and their elitist buddies are just worried more in the EU will vote the same.

The English people simply voted for their sovereignty back. The concept of a European union of free countries, loosely tied together by a set of agreements for trade and other items certainly sounds reasonable, and it was for a time. Then a few countries decided they knew what was best for the entire union and the ties began to unravel.

When a small group of unelected officials, heavily influenced by just a few leaders takes controls of sovereign nations it should not be a surprise when the people push back.

Self-righteous leaders, completely separate from the working class that pays the bills, believe they know how we all should live. The problem is they never actually face the realities they force on those below them.

From out of control immigration to corporate deals that lower wages, the elites behave in a way only to enhance their wealth and the people be damned.


3 thoughts on “Brexit, the push against the elites

  1. The English people voted for a short term recession, higher short term unemployment, and lower real incomes.

    I think the real reason they voted for this was to deny easy entry to large numbers of unvetted young muslim men into their countries.

    Brexit will significantly harm the UK economy, and possibly lead to the partition of England from Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. London’s financial sector is reeling.

    Of course a lot of Investment Banks, asset managers and other financial institutions might move to the US because of this. Unless Trump gets elected, in which case . . . don’t know where they move to. Germany, Canada, Singapore, Tokyo and Hong Kong?

    In the short run, Brexit will greatly complicate international trade, product development, movement of workers, business travel, business regulations, financial regulations, taxation and a lot else. Brexit in the short term is likely to be a blow to free trade, globalization and free market pro business policies. (which I obviously support.)

    BTW, I am deeply impressed that Hillary is moving back to the center, putting support for TTP, free trade, fracking into the democratic platform. If Hillary moves significantly to the right on economic issues, like her husband, I think she will get over a quarter the Republican vote and win the election.

    The far left Bernie folks can vote for Trump. Trump agrees with Bernie on most economic issues.

  2. “corporate deals that lower wages, the elites behave in a way only to enhance their wealth and the people be damned.”

    Respectfully, this sentiment is often expressed by Noam Chomsky and far leftists.

    The real driver of higher real incomes over time is creating amazing new and better products, and process innovation. America has had a 10 year productivity slowdown. Record low layoffs relative to the work force, slow job creation, unusually low business formation, low investment, low R&D, remarkably few major technological advances and product introductions. Record unfilled job openings, little hiring, large numbers of structurally underemployed workers (workers working below their potential, including full time workers), record ageism. We are becoming an increasingly socialist big government, slow growth, stagnant productivity economy.

    We have a broken K-12 education system and are in almost complete denial about our actual challenges and their causes. Only 25% of US High School graduates meet the minimum necessary requirements to join the US Army on their first try.

  3. Anan,

    While a short term recession is possible the long term in not so dire. Europe will not halt trade or work with Britain because of this. Outside of Germany, not many other European countries offer much. Britain will still be needed.

    As to the second point that this was a vote to deny large numbers of unvetted Muslim men into their country, I’m sure that played a large part in this. Borders are necessary. The economy is highly effected by supporting these non employable people.

    Comparing my statement to Chomsky is kind of funny. I’m for limited government not government for the few. That’s not leftist.

    When the government is in bed with a few corporate entities that keep wages low, that’s socialism as it truly works. Having a non-elected government with wildly socialist views dictating to a sovereign nation everything from who it will allow into the country to how to wrap their meats is not the way a nation of free people want to live.

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