Good article with about Paris Terror Attack

Surrendering to Death

It’s like a metaphor for all of Western civilization.

I watched about seven people die. A couple of them were three feet from the barrier. They could have fallen backwards and been alive but they were too scared to even turn around. I remember a woman just standing with her hands up in a surrender pose. The terrorist finally saw her and all she did was go, “No no no.” She surrendered to death in front of my very eyes. I was yelling at her, “HEY!” and I don’t think she could hear me. She was so terrified, I think she’d already given up.

Is it fair to say the liberal mentality created this need to surrender?

I will lay the blame right in its lap. When you tell people they can’t help themselves and that they’re children, you weaken them to a point where three feet away is life and they can’t see it because they’re too scared

Worth the read.


Back soon. Lot’s going on in the world

Life once again has gotten in the way of blogging.  I’ll be back of course with more thoughts soon. School and work has been a pretty big load lately but of course these things always go in cycles.  So, once I’m back on track I hope to put a renewed effort here.  I’m trying not to fall into the trap of just posting “stuff” for the sake of having something new.  That doesn’t mean some short posts won’t be there.  Often a point can be made with a short graphic or sentence or two.

So, hang on…..