The violence around Trump events

So many commentators and media personalities are bending over backwards to blame Donald Trump and his supporters for the violence that has found its way to his events. In a perfect case of blaming the victim which all the social justice warriors / liberals say they are against, we see political supporters harassed, insulted and finally assaulted.  But like all SJWs, it’s not just the trump supporters or the Trump campaign.  In California we saw a full on riot.  (

They hurt supporters, they destroyed police cars, and generally caused chaos.  They have no sense of actual justice or free speech.  They are in fact the enemies of liberty.

I was not a Donald Trump supporter although I don’t have a lot against Trump, but these criminals need to be addressed. Not by giving in to their childish, yet dangerous demands, but rather by destroying their narrative and not giving one single inch to these groups.

I don’t know whether Donald Trump will help America but I do know he’s the only one not backing down.

The world is against Donald, which alone gains some of my support.


3 thoughts on “The violence around Trump events

  1. “The world is against Donald, which alone gains some of my support.”

    And people thought that Israel, America, Saudi Arabia alliances were nasty and bad. They should look around these days.

  2. As for the political violence, Democrats and Southerners have been doing the same thing with certain organizations against Republicans since 1830. Before they had the KKK, they would go out and put public bounties on abolitionist speakers. Then they would get lynched, mysteriously.

    This is old SOP for Demoncrats. But that’s what happens when people get rule by demons for demons.

  3. Donald is a weakling, of course, which is the worst kind of megalomaniac in Stalin’s mold or Che. He can’t protect his own supporters, but people think he can do something about two nations and Islam put together.

    Leftist evil means that individuals under attack should be defended. Does not mean the leaders who failed to protect them or the ones who ordered the execution of their political enemies, are somehow better as a result.

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