Some in Britain not impressed with President Obama

President Obama is flying to Europe next week to apparently try and talk Britain into staying in the EU.  However some British politicians aren’t impressed.

Mr Johnson (London Mayor) today told the Standard: ‘I honestly don’t mind the idea of him joining the debate.

‘Where we do part company, and where I do mind, is that it is plainly hypocritical for America to urge us to sacrifice control — of our laws, our sovereignty, our money and our democracy — when they would not dream of ever doing the same.’
Mr Rees-Mogg (Bristsh MP) told the House magazine: ‘I don’t mind him coming over to say what he wants because I think it helps Brexit.

‘I can’t think the British people will want to be told what to do by a rather unsuccessful American president who has had one of the least successful foreign policies in modern history.



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