Will Europe wake up before it’s too late?

How many will have to die? At what number, or is there even a number, at which Europeans decide enough is enough? The political class in Europe and to a great extent the populations of Europe have asked, no, begged Islamist to take their countries. The indoctrination of the population to “mulita-Culti”, along with 70 years of US protection, have left Europe in a state of defenselessness. They simply can’t bring themselves to defend their own lives or interests.

Some point to the middle east and say, “but what about the dying Muslims”? That is exactly the point. Do you want that culture?

The population has continued to vote into office soft-spoken socialist that simply do not understand the actual world they live in. They can’t imagine that other people around the world don’t operate under the same civilized rules they do.

When acts of terror happen in the United States, the people get mad. In Europe they are confused. It boggles their minds how people could not think and want the same things as they do. The French surprised many with the strong tactics they took after the Paris event. The Belgium police have finally entered into their own no-go zones, but one wonders if they will keep the pressure on. As long as there are segregated communities that police cannot or will not enter to enforce the law, the terrorist will have an advantage.

It’s not that Europe doesn’t have a great intelligence apparatus, it does. It’s also not that the police are not willing to do the hard work, I believe they are. It’s the general population who live in a fantasy world where everyone holds hands and loves each other. Leftist thought has caused this and the real world is now knocking.


6 thoughts on “Will Europe wake up before it’s too late?

  1. A great read on this topic is the book from Lee Harris, The Suicide of Reason. It showed how western laws are not the same as the laws of the “jungle” and to try to reason with someone who lives by the laws of the jungle is fruitless.

  2. Its like you stated, the western world does not understand the laws of the jungle because they assume everyone wants what they want. To a reasonable person this makes sense, but if you live with the law of the jungle, it is seen as weak to stop and try to reason. You only get what you can take. I think the western nations will figure it out at some point, but unfortunately many more lives will be lost before that happens. It also seems the people of the European countries are starting to come around much faster than their politicians. So we will see how that plays out in each of those countries.

  3. The Euros, back when the pro EU crowd was around, gave up their power easily to the European governments and pan continental bureaucrats.

    Even if the people wake up now, it’s too late. They aren’t going to get their power back so easily.

    Power once given, cannot be taken back the same way.

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