Was a statement made in Germany today?

In elections in three German statemerkel missed its today the current party the CDU (Christian Democrat Party), lost some seats.  In fact, they lost control in two states and saw the rise of the AFD (Alternative for Deutschland) party.  Most attribute the losses to German Chancellor Merkel’s refugee policies.

The number of parties running in Germany makes the results a little more complicated than the American mostly two party system.  Even though the AFD didn’t take a majority in any of the three states, their placement pushes the CDU out of power in two of the states.

Frauke_Petry_AfDThe AFD have been characterized as they anti-immigration party.  But much like Trump supporters in the US, it would false to think all of the AFD’s growing popularity is because of immigration, it is uncontrolled immigration where immigrants complain about their housing and free money, that may have had a large effect on the German population.  What country can take millions of unskilled, often illiterate and culturally different immigrants and continue to survive?  The cost alone is staggering.

Then there is the question of assimilation.  If one were to peruse the daily newspapers, even those completely in the tank for Merkel, you can find many stories of assault, rape, murder attributed recent refugees.  Of course, it’s overblown the German establishment with tell you.

Today a message was sent.  Will it be heeded?




4 thoughts on “Was a statement made in Germany today?

  1. Some people online said that Merkel’s background is in East Germany communist politics. Which would tie her into the remaining Stasi cells that survived with their organization/cells/money intact.

  2. That’s a rather convenient timing, though, JB. When the CDU and SPD united in a grand coalition, why didn’t she do that then? It’s like she waited for her power to coalesce and develop, in both parties, before doing something. Although some of that is due to Russian/Turkey/Hussein timing in Syria and Libya.

  3. At first, I thought this was the SPD grand plan. But while the SPD holds some portfolios in the current Second Grand coalition, Merkel is still the PM and former leader of the CDU, with all the pull that entails.

    Merkel traded the SPD for the liberty party, and the second grand coalition was “unnecessary”. The CDU didn’t need the SPD. So now it begins to look like something else going on than the usual anti American socialist plans of the SPD.

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