Will Europe wake up before it’s too late?

How many will have to die? At what number, or is there even a number, at which Europeans decide enough is enough? The political class in Europe and to a great extent the populations of Europe have asked, no, begged Islamist to take their countries. The indoctrination of the population to “mulita-Culti”, along with 70 years of US protection, have left Europe in a state of defenselessness. They simply can’t bring themselves to defend their own lives or interests.

Some point to the middle east and say, “but what about the dying Muslims”? That is exactly the point. Do you want that culture?

The population has continued to vote into office soft-spoken socialist that simply do not understand the actual world they live in. They can’t imagine that other people around the world don’t operate under the same civilized rules they do.

When acts of terror happen in the United States, the people get mad. In Europe they are confused. It boggles their minds how people could not think and want the same things as they do. The French surprised many with the strong tactics they took after the Paris event. The Belgium police have finally entered into their own no-go zones, but one wonders if they will keep the pressure on. As long as there are segregated communities that police cannot or will not enter to enforce the law, the terrorist will have an advantage.

It’s not that Europe doesn’t have a great intelligence apparatus, it does. It’s also not that the police are not willing to do the hard work, I believe they are. It’s the general population who live in a fantasy world where everyone holds hands and loves each other. Leftist thought has caused this and the real world is now knocking.


Was a statement made in Germany today?

In elections in three German statemerkel missed its today the current party the CDU (Christian Democrat Party), lost some seats.  In fact, they lost control in two states and saw the rise of the AFD (Alternative for Deutschland) party.  Most attribute the losses to German Chancellor Merkel’s refugee policies.

The number of parties running in Germany makes the results a little more complicated than the American mostly two party system.  Even though the AFD didn’t take a majority in any of the three states, their placement pushes the CDU out of power in two of the states.

Frauke_Petry_AfDThe AFD have been characterized as they anti-immigration party.  But much like Trump supporters in the US, it would false to think all of the AFD’s growing popularity is because of immigration, it is uncontrolled immigration where immigrants complain about their housing and free money, that may have had a large effect on the German population.  What country can take millions of unskilled, often illiterate and culturally different immigrants and continue to survive?  The cost alone is staggering.

Then there is the question of assimilation.  If one were to peruse the daily newspapers, even those completely in the tank for Merkel, you can find many stories of assault, rape, murder attributed recent refugees.  Of course, it’s overblown the German establishment with tell you.

Today a message was sent.  Will it be heeded?



Wacky political world we live in

It has been a crazy couple of weeks. World news has been happening faster than I can comment on. I am in a Master’s program and with homework, projects and work there hasn’t been a whole lot of thoughtful musing time in between. So, this will be a quick overview of thoughts this week.


I hate election years. We are inundated with commercials, robo calls and a news media that seems to forget there are still things happening around the world. But let me say just a few things about the election process as it stands now.

One, I would have never thought Donald Trump would have such staying power. It is not that I do not see some appeal in Donald Trump, it’s just looking back on his past it’s hard to know what he truly believes. But the one thing he has going for him is that he doesn’t back down. I think a large portion of Americans just want a leader that doesn’t bow to anyone. Not a dictator as some would like to project on Donald Trump, but someone who doesn’t let the media bully him or her.

In my mind there really are only two candidates on the Republican side of this election. Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.

Ted Cruz has made some mistakes in this race in my opinion. The issue with Ben Carson and his staff sending out a tweet that Ben had dropped out was dumb, then Rick Tyler Cruz’s communication director distributed a video that falsely depicted Marco Rubio dismissing the Bible. It was amateurish and petty let alone wrong.


When you add these events to the horrible display at the debates of incivility it’s just a shame. But unfortunately if you are civil, and simply state your positions with reason, and don’t sling the mud, you’re doomed. Ask Ben Carson, John Kasich or those other guys. But we truly need some standards.

Still compared to the democrats these guys are model politicians.

After serving over twenty years in the military, I could never vote for Hillary. Beside the decades long distain she has shown our military, her actions as Secretary of State were awful. Our foreign policy is in a shambles. Are allies don’t trust us, our enemies don’t respect us and the “Lead from behind”, concept has done what most of us expected. Nothing good.


Also having served in positions with a clearance, Hillary’s private server, spillages and outright disregard for classified material and the potential consequences, completely eliminate this person as a potential President in my mind. Too many people have lost their jobs and some people have served jail time for less.

Then there is Bernie Sanders. When Leprechauns and unicorns run wild and free across the fruited plains we’ll have enough money to fulfill Bernie’s promises and nobody to actually do any work.