Apple Refuses US Government’s request to open IPhone.


Opening a phone is one thing. Creating a backdoor is another. It must be made clear what is really being asked by the government.

When the Government takes terrorism and security serious I’ll think about endorsing a backdoor. Well actually no I won’t. When the Government takes security serious we won’t need that backdoor.

We know how terrorist operate, we know where they operate, and we know most if not all of their leadership. We know how they infiltrate into western countries and where, once in these countries they recruit and train. Yet we open our borders with little or no supervision and refuse to allow law enforcement to investigate places and people with known terror ties out of fear of being called phobic. We allow terror training camps to flourish with little to no consequences.

No, I won’t endorse giving up citizen’s right to privacy or a company’s right to maintain their client’s privacy, when we can’t take the steps we already know will make us safer, steps that are already available to our (US) Government. Beside, our Government has proven it’s not capable of keeping our own secrets and information of its own employees protected. Do you really think your information will be kept any better?


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