Pentagon may demote Gen Patraeus

David Patraeus stepped down as the director of the CIA after it became known that he had an affair and shared classified information with Paula Broadwell, a reservist and his biographer. Now nearly four years later it’s reported the Pentagon is considering demoted the Retired General.

General Patraeus pleaded guilty to giving Broadwell notebooks that contained classified information. The information did not appear in Broadwell’s biography of Petraeus. Still Patraeus could have faced charges from the FBI.

Broadwell did have a security clearance at the time and no information appears to have leaked.

This does not excuse the General for doing what any normal intelligence or operations officer would certainly have been prosecuted for.

However, we have a former Secretary of State whose personal email account contained classified material for all, who might have searched to see.

General, until this election is over you had better stay quiet.

Just saying.


2 thoughts on “Pentagon may demote Gen Patraeus

  1. General Issue threats to Petraeus. Personally, I think it is fortunate that the General started to think with the wrong head. Otherwise, he might be leading the Republican horserace. That wouldn’t be good for any of us.

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