Köln attacks a surprise? Really?

As more details come out about the Köln attacks in Germany on New Years I am repeatedly reading how surprised everyone is.  Why is that I wonder?  Were there no warning signs, such as Sweden’s experience?  This beautiful country can now claim one of the highest rape rates in Europe since deciding to become a multi-cultural haven?  Violent crime has increased 300% according to d-intl.com.

(BBC 2016) “City police chief Wolfgang Albers called it “a completely new dimension of crime”. The men were of Arab or North African appearance, he said.”

Perhaps no one saw the reporter Lora Logan assaulted in Egypt in 2011 during the political uprising there. Lora’s story is not unique.  Do a search on women reporters or women attacked in various “Asian” countries.

So who is surprised and why?

The politicians and the European left have consistently portrayed the influx of refugee’s as a wonderful experiment in liberalism.  They produce reports (mostly government own or licensed media) that only reflect wonderful people just yearning for liberty and freedom when in fact this is not always the case. They show integration working great, when in fact it is not.

Those Germans I hear from are afraid to travel these days.  Packs of men roam the streets and congregate around ubahn, strassenbahn, and train stations. These are not packs of Danes or Dutch.

It’s as if nobody could foresee that people from a vastly different culture that abhors western ideas would cause problems.

Strange indeed.


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7 thoughts on “Köln attacks a surprise? Really?

  1. Violent crime has increased 300% according to d-intl.com.

    Half the rapes in Scandinavia aren’t even reported, because they know that Muslims can’t be punished and won’t be by now. So the stats are increasing… but it’s actually less than what it actually is.

    Just like in Chicago the crime rates for burglary is much higher, because when you report these crimes to the Chicago PD, they just don’t do anything and tell you to let them take your stuff.

  2. I don’t think so, as the same thing happened and continues in many other cities in Germany. Check out http://www.focus.de/ for more info or Stuttgarter Zeitung. It’s not getting a lot of press but this is happening in a lot of places.

  3. http://www.targetfocustraining.com/tim-larkin-banned-uk/

    Going over ancient history I told people before, just for laughs. I said back then, that the reason the UK banned TFt or Larkin was because they wanted the Muslim rioters in the UK to have a free hand in brutalizing the British people, or something to that nature.

    European history and genetic development has been a human wide project in centuries long breeding and configuration of the epigenetics process. The ability for genes to change and adapt, improve, in a single generation, without the need for progeny to be produced, merely from inherited traits from previous generations, activating the ones in need, de-activating the ones in need of remission.

    As Europe became peaceful, free, and prosperous, the genes that activated the Total Martial War philosophy that led to the advancements in technology, industry, weaponry, armor, metallurgy and steel work, went away. Even Europe’s fencing and swordmanship schools went extinct, the knowledge only kept in ancient manuals and ruins. Now orgs like HEMA and other grassroots clubs are reviving European cultural. Perhaps the women will now need to find boyfriends that actually have some stones. The Viking Era is now back. The Muslim slave raiding centuries are now back. That is why Europe had so many castles on the coasts. They have forgotten this, but their Genes have Not.

  4. JB, this is also why TFT seems to train a lot of clients that are businessmen or agents overseas in foreign countries. No guns, so to speak, allowed. Everybody else’s weapons and tools and explosives, those will become yours if you have a close range lethal force power that nobody knows about. You just kill one sentry and take his stuff, and then upgrade.

  5. That’s similar to Stauffenberg’s chances of getting rid of Hitler, the traitor to the German people, and ending the war on good terms with the Allies.

    Maybe 50/50.

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