Brigitte Gabriel…good answer!

But most Muslims are good.  And then….


One thought on “Brigitte Gabriel…good answer!

  1. Islamic Jihad is allied with the Leftist alliance.

    Those who underestimate the power of Jihad, is also in many ways underestimating the threat of the Left. And those who underestimate the Left, also underestimate the power of Jihad.

    The Left betrayed Americans in Vietnam and used that as a way to sabotage American domestic culture for decades, which included OIF and other American wars.

    The blue eyed women in those Islamic harems in the “Golden Age” of Islam were slaves taken in raids, their families and towns were burned down. Spain was the distribution point of Islamic sexual slavery to Africa and Italy.

    Some of us have not forgotten who the enemies of humanity are, and refugees aren’t going to change that any time this century.

    Has a clearer explanation of what some people have been talking about r vs k.

    I don’t need a scientific or genetic explanation to model my predictions, I have my own cores and ways of thinking apart from what other people use. It is useful to convince the people who rely on reason, that many things aren’t solved by reason. It makes it easier to understand or explain, but it does not fix the issue at hand.

    As for the Muslims, if Hamas or Islamic State and Caliphate told Muslims to give information on where their neighbors were at, would the majority of Muslims obey or turn the minority over to the Western Law enforcement?

    Human behavior is easy to model and predict, for those that think outside the box.

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