Records? Player?

Yes I’ve been negligent. But hey how often can you complain about the world? So, in the spirit of “screw the world”, I give you this piece today.

How many of you still have records? You know, vinyl records? More importantly how many of you have a record player?

I still have a bblackox deep in the bowels of my storage shed that contains my last remaining records. I haven’t taken a look in the box in years so I’m not even sure what records I have there. I know there are a number of Elvis records and I’m pretty sure my KC and the Sunshine Band album is there but other than that I just don’t know. The idea the my old Pink Floyd “Final Cut”, is there would be nice or the BB King album that was best listened to with a red light on in the room. But who knows.

The reason I’m thinking of the old vinyl is that I passed by a record player at a local store the other day. Now of course, they have CD and connections to play MP3s. red

Some of the styles are throwbacks that that look a lot like the suitcase models of the record player boom years.

Crossely has some of the coolest retro style players I’ve seen so far.

The only problem I have is that I don’t really have any room for a player again.

Someday when I have that retro bachelor pad…blue.


3 thoughts on “Records? Player?

  1. Those are pretty cool. I have mom and dads player and all the records. But I need a new needle I think. Thought about putting it up and playing all of moms Christmas records for the holidays this year. We even have a working victrola from his dad with records.

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