Germans are skeptical of their GVT’s facts

The crises in Europe continues. Those that wish to preserve their European culture are routinely called Nazi’s or fascist even though little of the what say or do resembles either. The German government says crime has not risen and they are coping. Yet doubts about the truth is evident.


“Germany’s police union and women’s rights groups accused the authorities on Tuesday of playing down reports of harassment, sexual assault and even rape at refugee shelters because they feared a backlash against asylum seekers.” (Reuters 2015)

Many Germans are skeptical that what the government and the press is reporting is accurate. The truth their own eyes tell them doesn’t match the press and government accounts.

According to Focus Magazine, In a home for asylum seekers in Munich a women was violently killed on Saturday. The 30 year old husband is considered the prime suspect. He is currently being questioned by the police, said a spokesman. However, it should not be entirely ruled out that the woman has taken her own life. ( 2015)

She violently took her own life?

It’s not xenophobic to require limits and restrictions on those you allow within your borders. It’s also not unreasonable to say we won’t pay for them. But of course if you do, either in America or Europe the insane self-hating left will attempt to demonize every person who doesn’t toe the line.


As one person, who when told the German Air Force would join the bombings in Syria said to the effect, “so, their young men come here and live off of our work while we send our young men to fight for their country.”

Yes, that does seem to be the way it works now.

The German paper Die Welt reported numerous incidents of violence within refugee camps. Many ending in death and rape. Islamist were noted to be a particularly brutal source of violence.

In America we hear how any refugees brought here will be thoroughly vetted. I suppose they will be vetted as well as all of the those Pro-West Syrian rebels that handed over all of our weapons and equipment to ISIS. The fact is we have no way to vet Syrians. The Syrian government, whom we are at odds with does not have an extensive data base of ISIS members or sympathizers nor do we. At least not a database we could trust.

This is still in the beginning phases but there is sure to be more trouble ahead.

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Will the West wake up or does it have a death wish?

One of Friday’s Paris attackers has been identified by fingerprints as a French national, and was known to police, a source close to the investigation of the attacks told CNN on Saturday.

Of, course we watch, we know who many of them are yet we do absolutely nothing except help their cause.  Our politicians (The western countries) bury their heads in the sands of Multi-Culturalism having no idea what they are talking about.

We have an enemy that announces it’s intentions, it desires, to infiltrate and kill then we open the doors to them.  We all die smiling with our hands open. 

This happened after 9/11. In our desire to appear open minded we refuse to see the enemy in front of us.  

WASHINGTON – The number of Islamic places of worship in the United States soared 74% in the past decade.

By Cathy Lynn Grossman, USA TODAY(2012)

As idiotic college students protests for “safe spaces”, the enemy is prepare for death spaces and we’ll happily walk to our demise holding hands and singing songs. 

BERLIN (Reuters) – Chancellor Angela Merkel put up a spirited defense of her leadership on Friday, vowing to "fight for my vision" of how to deal with the refugee crisis that has stretched Germany’s resources and damaged her standing. 

While German Chancellor Merkel fights for her “vision”, Europeans  will be fighting for their lives. 

Records? Player?

Yes I’ve been negligent. But hey how often can you complain about the world? So, in the spirit of “screw the world”, I give you this piece today.

How many of you still have records? You know, vinyl records? More importantly how many of you have a record player?

I still have a bblackox deep in the bowels of my storage shed that contains my last remaining records. I haven’t taken a look in the box in years so I’m not even sure what records I have there. I know there are a number of Elvis records and I’m pretty sure my KC and the Sunshine Band album is there but other than that I just don’t know. The idea the my old Pink Floyd “Final Cut”, is there would be nice or the BB King album that was best listened to with a red light on in the room. But who knows.

The reason I’m thinking of the old vinyl is that I passed by a record player at a local store the other day. Now of course, they have CD and connections to play MP3s. red

Some of the styles are throwbacks that that look a lot like the suitcase models of the record player boom years.

Crossely has some of the coolest retro style players I’ve seen so far.

The only problem I have is that I don’t really have any room for a player again.

Someday when I have that retro bachelor pad…blue.