“This is our future”. … Yes it appears to be.

According to the description, this was taken in Hanover a few days ago.

It’s unbelievable how completely idiotic the German government has been on this issue.  Merkel has lost her mind.  Since I have family in Germany we tend to follow this pretty closely.  What doesn’t hit US news much is just how much crime has risen.  Much of the European media won’t print or report just how high or who’s doing it. Like here, where a murder is committed yet somehow there isn’t a description other than it was a man.


2 thoughts on ““This is our future”. … Yes it appears to be.

  1. Time to bring back the housecarls, the plate mail, the chainmail, and the great swords.

    Historical European martial art reconstruction clubs are over there doing just that. They’ll need it for more than just hobby craft soon.

    Recall that Merkel is in a Grand Coalition with the SPD. Social party of Deutschland, aka Social Democratic party of D. They added in the “democratic” after had to work out the marxist part and the Stasi additions.

  2. It is sad that many of these young men have no army they can join that pays a living wage and provides some hope for education.

    In Syria, they they can join Assad’s army, Al Qaeda, or ISIS. For whatever reason, their is no will to create a large capable military unaffiliated with Assad, Al Qaeda, and ISIS.

    Libya lacks the training seats and funding to add large numbers of soldiers to their military. Plus ISIS and Al Qaeda substantially outgun the official government forces.

    The Iraqi Army is adding very few new soldiers, in an effort to save money training. The Iraqis have a faction of the training seats that existed back in 2007. In the short run this helps because capable cadre are in the fight rather than in the training command. But over time this depletes the capabilities of the Iraqi Army.

    The Afghan National Security Forces have a fraction of the training seats that General McChrystal and General Petraeus had lobbied for in 2009. In 2010, Obama shut down the proposed ANSF build.

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